AIPNI Urged the Government to Issue the Implementation of Nursing Law


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee III DPD RI held a Public Hearing (RDPU) related to the discussion of inventory of supervisory material on the implementation of Act No. 38 Year 2014 on Nursing, in the conference room of Committee III, Building B Floor 2, Parliament Complex Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (29/11/17). This is the sixth time for Committee III to discuss the implementation of the Nursing Law, with more specifically raising the issue of nursing education.

"Nursing education is considered very important, not only in order to fulfill the international competitiveness but also in supporting the improvement of public health," explained Fahira as the Chairman of the Committee III in the opening of public hearing which presents the speakers from the field of nursing, namely Yupi Supartini (Association of Vocational Education Nursing Institutions Indonesia) and Muhammad Hadi (Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Ners Education Institutions-AIPNI).

Hadi explained that the current condition of nursing education has not been matched by the arrangement of adequate practice rides and the number of hospitals that have not been sufficient to become a place of learning. In addition the quality and quantity of lecturers is minimal with limited magister or specialist and also the results of the national average competence test is low. "But now the average accreditation results are sufficient and there is an improvement in the number of achievements of both accreditation and superior" added Hadi.

In terms of education, Mervin senator of West Papua assessed the importance of nursing profession ethics. This is to support the quality of nursing services and the fulfillment of patient rights. "Because in the field, we still encounter nurses who perform nursing services that are not in accordance with service standards" said Mervin.

AIPNI in this hearing proposed some suggestions to DPD RI related issues of nursing education as a way to enrich the substance material on the implementation of the Nursing Act by urging the government to immediately implement the Nursing Law by issuing regulations on the implementation of Act No. 38 Year 2014 on Nursing, which becomes the priority in this year, namely the Presidential Regulation on Nursing Concerns in accordance with Act 38/2014, PMK on the permits, duties and authority of the nurses, the regulation (PP) on the utilization and practice of foreign nurses, Kepmenristekdikti on National Standards of Nursing Education.

Next is to urge the government to (1) coach or close a nursing school that is not qualified, (2) fund the accreditation process of the study program, national competency test for graduates, (3) open new employment opportunities for nurse, both in abroad and inside country that is not yet optimal.

"Nursing education in Indonesia must have a national standard of professional education to be used as a reference for curriculum development, educational staff, facilities and infrastructure, management and financing of national and international / national competency standards," Hadi said at the same time closing his presentation. (nis)


29 November 2017