The PKND Initiative Proposal Bill: There Should Be Intensive Coordination Between DPD and DPR


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee IV as DPD RI organ in charge of APBN; Central and regional financial balances; Taxes and illegal fees; State Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia; Financial institutions and banks; Cooperatives and UKM; Statistics; BUMN; as well as investment, is currently drafting the Initiative Proposal for the Bill on State and Regional Wealth Management (PKND).

DPD RI has proposed the formation of PKND Bill, but not yet included in priority bill in Prolegnas 2015-2019.

In connection with this bill, Committee IV DPD RI holds a Public Hearing Meeting (RDPU) with legal experts who are also professor of law faculty Hasanuddin University Makassar, Prof. Dr. Aminuddin Ilmar, SH., M. Hum and Ir. Marwan Batubara, M.Sc, a politician who once served as Senator representing North Sumatera Province in the period 2009-2014 and is now active in Indonesian Resources Studies (IRESS) organization that is intellectual (non partisan) organization in the field of public policy, especially concerning the natural resources and strategic industries in the meeting room of Committee IV DPD RI, Parliament Complex Senayan, Jakarta (17/4/2017).

Aminuddin agrees with DPD's proposal to form a regulation in the form of PKND Bill to create a more holistic management of state assets which has been spread over various laws.

"All this time, the state assets arrangement spread in various laws seem overlap, there are loopholes and vacuum of arrangement related to the state's potential assets in the sense of being controlled by the state", concludes Aminuddin.

He adds, "I think the content material of PKND Bill should include arrangements that provide clarity on state assets controlled by state-owned and separated state property. Clarity is important to me because so far the arrangements made in various sectoral laws are often mutually exclusive such as the Environmental law, forestry law, fisheries law, mineral and coal resources law which all do not reflect the suitability and harmonization of arrangements ".

Marwan Batubara conveys suggestions regarding the PKND Bill. He says there needs to be intensive coordination with the House of Representatives and the central / regional government so that the bill is established as a new law. There should be an optimal effort to make DPR and the government discuss and shape the law. The aspect of constitutional mandate must receive special attention. DPD RI needs to safeguard and strive optimally aspects of interest and authority of the region. It is necessary to review and refine the sectoral laws governing the roles and authority of the region, including the Law on Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD) which was established in the 1960s.


17 April 2017