Minister of Utilization of State Apparatus - Bureaucracy Reform will publish 11 Government Regulations on State Civil Apparatus


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - "The answer comprehensively listed in the 11 government regulations on Management of State Civil Apparatus. Let us give a chance to the government, because we've completed 11 regulations and 7 will be completed soon. In our opinion, Circular Letter is a necessity because we implemented a system with good quality. This aims to improve the quality," answered the minister on hearings with the DPD RI following up of public complaints related to objection of Private Universities in Lampung relating Circular Letter of Ministry of Utilization of State Apparatus - Bureaucracy Reform in B Building DPD, Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (02/0292017).

"Circular Letter Number 04 Year 2013 concerning the Granting Permit of Study states that the study program has been approved / minimum accredited B from competent institutions. Then came the multiple interpretations of local governments to Private Universities that the institution with accreditation status C of National Accreditation Agency - Private Universities," said Andi Surya, Member of BAP from Lampung.

In line with Andi Surya, Senator from Bengkulu Ahmad Kanedi said that the regulations need to be reviewed so that Private Universities able to function properly. Many students who do not complete their thesis due to the certificate are not recognized by the Regional Personnel Agency (BKD).

The hearings led by Vice Chairman of the BAP, Ayi Hambali concluded that the senator wanted to maintain the quality of the institution and the quality of its alumni. So it is expected that the government will focus on it in order to make the next government regulation. (ank)

09 Februari 2017