Denpasar, dpd.go.id - Committee II DPD RI conducted a working visit at the Mount Agung Monitoring Post, Karangasem, Bali. This activity was carried out in the context of supervision of Act Number 24 Year 2007 concerning Disaster Management. The group was greeted enthusiastically by the community around the Mount Agung Monitoring Post, because it had erupted a few days earlier. Chairman of Committee II DPD RI Aji Mirza Wardana stressed that the public and the government must immediately be aware of the risks and mitigation of disasters. "Development problems have not considered the environmental aspects and disaster risk, there are also low socialization of the terms and conditions of disaster preparedness policies and procedures, the low public awareness about the culture of disaster management, and the minimal funding for mitigation and disaster management efforts," Aji said on Monday (28 / 01) to reporters in Karangasem.

Aji Mirza stated that the existence of accurate information could disturb the community which carried out by irresponsible parties, was also a concern of Committee II DPD RI during the supervision visit this time. Authorities are asked to increase cooperation in counteracting and stopping irresponsible information.

During the supervision visit, the Head of the Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center (PVMBG), Kasbani said that compared to other disasters, disaster mitigation for volcanoes was easier to implement. "The Mount Agung area has three observation posts, Rendang post, Batulompeh post, and Budakeling post. The monitoring and observation are equipped with 16 seismic stations, 8 deformation stations, 3 geochemical stations, 1 cctv and 1 geothermal, "said Kasbani when giving an explanation to the Committee II DPD RI. "We also have a website and application for MAGMA Indonesia and Volcano Observation Notice for Aviation (VONA) that can be accessed by the community," Kasbani added.

At the meeting, it was found that there were still violations and neglect by visitors to the appeals and recommendations issued by PVMBG related to the actual condition of Mount Agung. This was of particular concern by I Kadek Arimbawa, Vice Chairman of Committee II DPD RI from the Province of Bali. Kadek regretted the persistence of tourists, visitors, and climbers for the appeals and recommendations of the authorities. "The appeal not to make the climb on Mount Agung has been announced, the ban is valid until the status of the mountain is conducive to safety," said Kadek.

According to Kadek, PVMBG and BPBD of the Province of Bali have been working optimally to mitigate the potential risks of the Mount Agung disaster, "But there are still irresponsible parties that cause unrest and potential loss in the community," Kadek said.

Kadek further praised the BPBD Bali Province's sister village and sister school program and gave full support to the program. The program greatly helped raise awareness of the Balinese people, especially in areas affected by the disaster risk of Mount Agung. A similar thing was once applied by Kadek in helping victims of the Mount Agung disaster before, on the scale of cooperation between the banjar. "We fully support the program," he said again.

Director of Community Empowerment BNPB Lilik Kurniawan informed BNPB that it has websites and applications that can be accessed by the community to obtain accurate and actual information related to mitigation and the risk of potential disasters, namely; InaRISK, InAWARE, and InaTEWS. During the monitoring visit, there were also BPBD Bali, BPBD Karangasem, and Head of the Post, Pantau Rendang. (bfh / release)

28 Januari 2019