Committee I DPD RI Discusses the Follow-Up of Land Compensation Cases in Bolaang Mongondow


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee I asked the government to immediately resolve land compensation cases to 1,114 heads of families at the ex-location. UPT. Tumokang. Mopugat, and Mopuya, North Dumoga Subdistrict, Bolaang Mogondow Regency, North Sulawesi. In addition, Committee I also requested that the Bolaang Mongondow District Government review plans for extraordinary legal remedies by conducting a review of the Supreme Court cassation ruling that won the community.

This was revealed at the Committee I Hearing by inviting the Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia; Directorate General of Regional Financial Development of the Ministry of Home Affairs; Financial and Development Supervisory Agency; Assistant I for Government Affairs and People's Welfare Regional Secretary of North Sulawesi Province; Director General of Ministry of Finance Budget; Head of Division of Legal Case Settlement, Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal and Security Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia; and Head of the Manpower and Transmigration Office of North Sulawesi Province, in the meeting room of Committee I, Building B DPD RI, Parliament Complex, Senayan Jakarta. Monday, February 5, 2019

Committee Chairman I Benny Rhamdani stated that the court ruling on the ex-land compensation case UPT. Tumokang. Mopugat, and Mopuya, Dumoga Utara Subdistrict, Bolaang Mogondo Regency, have been legally inclined according to the decision of the Kotamobagu District Court Number: 88 / Pdt.G / 2012 dated 22 April 2012. Decision of the Manado High Court Number: 115 / Pdt / 2013 / PT MDO, September 19, 2013. Decision of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia Number: 816.K / Pdt / 2014 dated September 22, 2014.

"The government, in this case the Bolaang Mongondow Regional Government, must immediately settle this land compensation and appeal to the Regional Government not to conduct a judicial review of the legal victory against the people themselves, the requested compensation is only 52 billion. there is already an obligation of the government to defend the rights of the people, and I also regret that the Regent of Bolaang Mongondow, whom we have invited twice but not attended, has disappointed the people, "said Benny.

Director General of Regional Financial Development Syarifuddin responded to the case that in principle the community must not be harmed, what was done and decided was the best and dampened the potential for conflict.

"The compensation mechanism if using the Regional Budget according to the judicial decision and the mechanism of the law is the responsibility of the Bolaang Regional Government. But if the central government can help and according to the mechanism why not, this is the need for a meeting like this. Regarding the Review plan, it is the Regent's right, but We recommend that it be reconsidered. As much as possible through the peace process, it is possible with a compensation figure of 52 billion and the burden can be assisted by the central government. If it is legally possible this number can be discussed, "explained Syarifuddin.

Community Attorney for compensation for ex-land UPT. Tumokang. Mopugat, and Mopuya, North Dumoga Subdistrict, Bolaang Mongondow Limson Nainggolan, said that the legal ruling was already inactive, there was no need to discuss matters outside of legal decisions, and the government should not take a position that could harm the community.

"The Supreme Court's ruling has been inactive since 2014, we should not be mocked, we do not question whether the central government or regional government must pay compensation,but it clearly concerns the fate of 1,114KK and more than 5,000 people including disadvantaged heirs. We will deliver the results of this meeting to the people there, "Limson said.

Closing the Meeting, Chairman of Committee I Benny Rhamdani Invited all parties to be heartened, because currently the best solution is being sought. Especially citizens who become victims so as not to cause conflicts both vertically and horizontally.

"We will continue to support the struggles of the local people especially those whose rights are deprived, and do not let the state not be present in defending the interests of the rights of our people, we will continue to struggle and guard, besides we ask all parties to be heartened to reduce conflict because now we are still looking for the best solution, "he concluded. (mas)


04 Februari 2019