The Prime Debate Confines the Candidates


Jakarta, dpd.go.id, January 18, 2018 ?The KPU?s confidence and the two successful teams that the prime debate of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates will amaze the people of Indonesia because the four candidates have gotten the lattice of the question, apparently it is very far from expectations. Most people are disappointed because all sides of the debate both in substance and in technical terms not only drown the candidates' ideas but also as a 'show' that is less dynamic, rigid, and does not flow like a debate forum and fighting ideas.

"The concept and format of the debate yesterday was like confining the two candidates so that their ideas regarding law, human rights, corruption, and terrorism were not stated concretely. The four candidates were fixated on a list of questions and answers that had filled their minds. Their ideas are getting worse when the questions of the investigators are not sharp and very normative plus the interpaslon debate is out of context and theme," said DPD RI Member Fahira Idris, in Jakarta (18/1).

According to Fahira, if the KPU firmly and bravely changes the concept and format of the debate, starting from not divulging the list of questions, directing panelists to form sharper questions according to the crucial issues faced by the people, and giving the candidates more time to debate, the next debate should be better and become political education for the people. But if not, do not expect voter participation and enthusiasm to rise.

Fahira revealed that the presidential election debate was one of the main references for most Indonesians before making their choice in the voting booth. The concept and format of the presidential debate that succeeded in "forcing" the presidential / vice presidential candidate to issue a big idea and able to make believe the people about their ideas was the starting point for the success of the 2019 Presidential Election.

However, if the debate was presented like the first debate yesterday, Fahira was worried that many voters would not be moved to vote on April 17. Such conditions will be a big loss for this nation. Therefore, the KPU must evaluate the total initial debate of the presidential election and immediately formulate new formats and concepts. This initial debate also, continued Fahira, became a lesson for the two success teams that their candidate's performance was not optimal due to the format and concept of debate which so tightly surrounded and guarded the candidates expressing their big ideas. 

"I just want to remind the KPU and the two successful teams don't worry too much about the ability of the two candidates. "The four sons are the best of the nation and they have excellent abilities and insights. Let them argue and compete with ideas so that the people have a strong foundation before making their choice," said the DPD RI member of Jakarta or Jakarta Senator.

Fahira also hoped that in the second debate there will be technical changes that are small but very disturbing to the people watching on television.

"Change the technical debate to be more conducive. No need to watch too many people in the debate room. Enough with the candidate pairs, several success teams, national figures, plus representatives of the community. Yesterday's debate was too 'crowded' with both people and supporters. "The KPU can provide a large screen outside the debate room for successful teams and supporters to watch together," concluded Fahira Idris. #

18 Januari 2019