Bogor, dpd.go.id - The performance of BPJS health is back in the spotlight of Committee III DPD RI. The concept of social protection of health in Indonesia is still ambiguous because it confuses the social security system with insurance. As a result, BPJS Health's performance as the leading institution to run the National Health Insurance program did not run satisfactorily.

"The concept of social protection of health in Indonesia should be fully the responsibility of the Government. So the poor people if they want treatment are fully borne by the state. As a result of the social protection concept that combines social security and insurance patterns, BPJS Health management is chaotic," said the Secretary General United Indonesia Doctors Association,

Patrianef, at the Public Hearings (RDPU) with Committee III DPD RI in Bogor, West Java, Tuesday, December 4, 2018. Patrianef said that the concept of social protection of health in Indonesia should implement the mandate of Article 34 of the 1945 Constitution which states that poor and abandoned children are cared for by the state; the state develops a social security system for all the people of Indonesia and empowers the weak and incapable in accordance with dignity and humanity; and the state is responsible for providing appropriate health care facilities and public service facilities.

"As a result of the concept of social protection of ambiguous health insurance, the National Health Insurance program as mandated by the law has not gone well. Hospitals are losing money and not developing, patients are not well served, many pharmaceutical and medical devices companies are depressed, "he said.

Patrianef added that the Government's commitment to run the National Health Insurance program was still low. This can be seen from the minimum budget allocated for the health sector, which is only around 5%. In fact, ideally the APBN allocation for the health sector is 10%.

The General Treasurer of the United Indonesia Doctors Association (PDIB), Eno Enothezia, assessed that the performance of the BPJS Health in running the National Health Insurance program as mandated by the law was unsatisfactory. "BPJS Health is like a business oriented private insurance institution," he explained.

"The performance of BPJS Health running a National Health Insurance program is very bad. BPJS Health has a lot to harm the country. Instead of the Government subsidizing the continued loss of BPJS Health, it is better that the program from the Health BPJS of this period be stopped first to be reviewed, "he continued.

According to him, the current BPJS Health programs have harmed many parties. Not only patients, but doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies also suffer losses. "The INA CBG program used by BPJS Health is a failed program. I asked for the INA CBG program implemented by BPJS Health to be stopped, because many doctors actually became sick, hospitals were closed, pharmaceutical companies went bankrupt. If you want to make the community healthy, don't make other community groups become ill, "he added.

Muhammad Nabil, a member of DPD RI member of Riau Islands, admitted that the BPJS Health had failed to run the National Health Insurance program. BPJS Health is likened to having great enthusiasm, but lacking energy. "Since there was BPJS, the health services for the community have become complicated, compared to before," he said.

The DPD RI of West Papua Province, Chaidir Djafar, assessed that BPJS Health programs had sacrificed the interests of patients, doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. "Why BPJS Health is maintained if its existence sacrifices many parties," he said.

Rafli, DPD RI member of Aceh Province delivered, before there was a National Health Insurance program and BPJS Health. In Aceh, the Aceh Health Insurance (JKA) program has been running well. "After there is a BPJS, the health of the people is difficult. I suggest what if our health BPJS disbanded? "He concluded. ***

04 Desember 2018