Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Senator of DPD RI from North Sumatera Province, Parlindungan Purba held a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture, Amran Sulaiman to discuss about the development of agriculture for the people of Sinabung, Kabupaten Karo, North Sumatera. Parlindungan Purba hoped that agriculture in Karo Regency can support the community's economy.

In a meeting held at the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs in Sawah Besar (5/6), Parlindungan requested that Amran Sulaiman provide assistance to farmers in Sinabung, Karo Regency. Sinabung agricultural land is often damaged due to the disaster of Mount Sinabung.

"We met with the minister of agriculture and delivered what the North Sumatera government wants. And he said demand for seeds, coffee, fruit seedlings, horticulture, tractors will be handled, "he said.

In addition, at the meeting attended by Vice Governor of North Sumatera Nurhajizah Marpaung, Regent Karo Terkelinn Brahmana, and related Head Region, Parlindungan Purba requested that the Minister of Agriculture conducts research to determine the type of agriculture suitable for cultivation in Sinabung area which is a volcano region.

Following up the meeting, Parlindungan Purba who is also Chairman of Committee II DPD RI explained that at the beginning of July, it will be a meeting in Karo Regency which aims to discuss the development of agriculture in North Sumatera.

"On July 2nd, there will be a meeting on the karo land by inviting all relevant directors, so that agricultural issues in North Sumatera, especially in Tanah Karo can be done, so that the welfare of farmers can be better in the future", he added.

The meeting with the Minister of Agriculture is a follow-up to the meeting that discussed agriculture in Karo Regency about two weeks ago. According to Parlindungan Purba, in the meeting attended by DPD RI, ministries, and institutions, it discussed about the follow-up handling post disaster Sinabung and on economic development in Karo Regency.

"Mr. Chairman of DPD RI, Mr. OSO suggested that we communicate with the relevant ministries regarding the land of refugees. One of them to develop and optimize the agricultural field in Tanah Karo area, "said Parlindungan Purba.

05 Juni 2018