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Should Companies Be Submitted To The State?


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Chronological conflict of Telukjambe Karawang Farmers with PT Pertiwi Lestari has started around 1962. The people have worked, managed and owned the land (girik) since 1984 until now. There was a businessman in 1968 who rented farmers land with a cattle ranching, after which in 1974 there was Concession (HGU) under the name of PT. Tanjung Gresik Makmur whereas the farmers never sell the land, until the time of HGU is discharged, there has not been any activities in any form occured in the land, at the end, the HGU changed its name to PT. Pertiwi Lestari who claimed having a trade with PT Tanjung Gresik Makmur which now has HGB, recognition from Sutejo, Representative of United Farmer Union Cisadang West Telukjambe, Falkirk Regency.

Sutejo gives his complaint to Committee I representative, Benny Ramdhani related to the cause of farmers community being expelled from their residence and agricultural land. The Hearing Meeting is opened by the Vice Chairman of Committee I DPD RI (Benny Rhamdani Senator of North Sulawesi Province) in the meeting room of Committee I, Building B DPD RI, Parliament Complex Senayan, Jakarta (17/4/2017).

Sutejo adds that in 2012 PT. Pertiwi Lestari began installing plates on the land that were cultivated by the farmers and by 2013 the company began to undertake road construction activities and damage farmers' farmland and homes with only two million rupiah compensation for up to 5 million rupiah, with these unreasonable prices all the farmers refuse and take the fight that caused a clash, in the end, the farmers formed a union. In conclusion, PT. Pertiwi Lestari stops all of their activities, since they have no permission whereas the farmers can re-plant.

"The farmers had come to the Ministry of Agrarians to be able to issue letters on the farmers land, the Ministry of Agrarians issued a letter of conducting activities by PT. Pertiwi Lestari, only farmers were allowed to grow crops, the farmers were waiting for the process of filing certification. At the time of waiting for certification, in August 2016 PT. Pertiwi Lestari conducted fencing activities escorted by Karawang Police and West Java Brimob Polda on the grounds of getting permits issued by the Regional Government, the destruction of agricultural land was repeated, PT. Pertiwi Lestari forced the farmers to accept the money of 30 million for homes and the farms will be evicted, the farmers refused and resisted that caused as many as 13 farmers entered the prison, that is where the conflict of the farmers with PT. Pertiwi Lestari happens". says Sutejo 

Benny is furious to hear the chronology of the farmer’s representatives "How great is the man who became the owner of this company that opposed the country, he dared to resist the attitude and decision of the country, this is our challenge whether the country can be defeated and subject by the owner of capital or people The owner of capital must be orderly and obedient to the state ".

According to Benny, many cases are faced by the community but many religious organizations and the NGOs are silent and do not care, whereas the farmers have been working for 55 years, stated in the Agrarian Law that the people who have been working for more than 20 years have to be the state priority and if the community submits the application for certification or not, it becomes the state obligation to issue land certification to work on. (Idr)

17 April 2017