Debate of the Qualified Presidential Candidates Will Boost the Level of Voter Participation


Jakarta, dpd.go.id, January 3, 2019 ? About two weeks away, on January 17, 2019, a series of Presidential Candidates (Capres) / Candidates for Vice-President (Cawapres) 2019 Election will be held by the General Election Commission (KPU). As one of the mandatory agendas of the presidential election stage, for the KPU, the public debate is the culmination of socialization to move the hearts of the Indonesian people to fulfill their right to vote. As for the two pairs of candidates, the public debate is a 'golden opportunity' to convince the public that they are the most worthy to lead the country in the next five years.

"I believe, if the quality of presidential public debate both in terms of technical and substance, will be able to boost the level of voter turnout for 2019 elections. Therefore, all sides presented in the debate must be of quality, starting from the debate format, material depth and questions, and the ability of the two pairs of candidates to communicate the vision and mission and answer various questions, "said DPD RI Member Fahira Idris, at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta (1/3).

Fahira revealed, simply there are currently three typical voters. First, those who have certainly fulfilled their right to vote and have determined the candidate pair to be punished. Second, those who intend to fulfill their right to vote but have not yet determined the candidate pair or those who already have a choice but still consider a number of things (prospective voters are not loyal / swing voters). And third, those who have decided not to fulfill their voting rights in the 2019 Election with various reasons and considerations.

According to Fahira, if in the public debate later, the themes and material presented are sharp, in-depth and touch on people's problems, then added to the ability of both candidates to explore the problem and provide answers and solutions, most likely to make those who have determined attitudes will not cast a vote, change their views and decide to go to polling station to fulfill their voting rights.

Not only that, the presidential / vice presidential candidate who is able to perform excellently in the debate is very likely able to reap the swing voter vote which based on several surveys the percentage is very significant from the total number of voters.

"So the debate on the presidential election must be designed in such a way as to touch all the complicated problems faced by the people and "force" the candidate pairs to give answers that are strong, reliable, and solutive. I hope that as an organizer, the KPU will not only make this public debate a political education, but also use it to boost the participation rate of the 2019 Election," concluded Fahira Idris who re-nominated herself as a Member of DPD RI in the 2019 Election.

For information, in the 2014 Legislative Election the voter participation rate was at 75.11 percent, while for the 2014 Presidential Election it was only at 70 percent. Meanwhile, in the 2019 Election, the KPU targeted 77.5 percent of voter turnout. #


03 Januari 2019