DPD RI Conveys the View of the Social Worker Bill to DPR RI


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee III DPD RI provides views and opinions on the Bill on Social Workers at a working meeting with Commission VIII of DPR RI and the Government. On this occasion, the DPD RI believes that the implementation of social welfare is currently not optimal.
"The current implementation of social welfare is not optimal. There have been social changes in the community that have an impact on increasing the number and complexity of social welfare problems, "said Vice Chairman of Committee III DPD RI Novita Anakotta at Nusantara II Parliament Complex, Jakarta, Tuesday (8/1).
According to him, in principle the DPD RI fully supports the subsequent discussion of the Social Workers Bill. Therefore it needs to be addressed through professional, planned, integrated, quality, and sustainable social work practices to fix and improve social functioning.

"In principle, DPD RI fully supports the subsequent discussion of the Social Workers Bill. But, DPD RI considers important to convey its views on the Social Worker Bill as a way to improve and strengthen the norms in the Bill, "said the senator from North Maluku.
Novita described a number of notes regarding the views of DPD RI on the Social Workers Bill. About the consistency of naming the bill with its academic text. "The DPD RI found inconsistency in naming the Bill with its Academic Manuscript," he said.
Furthermore, according to Novita, the matter of naming the bill will reflect the material content. DPD RI believes that the naming of this bill should be the Social Work Bill because the content in addition to regulating the subject matter of the profession also regulates the practice of social work.
Novita added that the Social Workers Bill should contain norms about higher education for social workers and norms about the type or categorization of social workers. In addition, the involvement of the Indonesian Social Welfare and Social Workers Education Association.

Finally, continued Novita, regarding the provisions of standardization. It must be ensured, that the profession of social workers in Indonesia does not only fulfill the provisions of national standardization but also internationally. "This is to face globalization and open employment opportunities for the profession of social workers, not only domestically but also abroad," explained the Vice Chairwoman of Committee III DPD RI.

08 Januari 2019