Traders of Kemiri Muka Market Depok 'Complain' To BAP DPD RI


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Paguyuban Traders of Kemiri Muka Market Depok complained about the land conflict that occurred between Depok City Government and PT.Petamburan Jaya Raya, which could cause thousands of market traders to be evicted. Chairman of Paguyuban, Karno requested the assistance of Public Accountability Committee (BAP) DPD RI for the Supreme Court to postpone the execution and asked the Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial / National Land Agency to make the market land into state property. "Hopefully DPD RI can help us to ensure the state assets do not fall into private hands, we also hope that the execution is not done because we have been trading for 30 years  in the market," said Karno in DPD RI Building, Jakarta, Thursday (24/5).

Furthermore, senator from West Java Province Ayi Hambali explained that initially the land is owned by the people and freed by PT.Petamburan Jaya Raya on condition will be returned to the country. Now, the time for PT. Petamburan has run out and BPN does not want to extend. Then PT.Petamburan bring this problem to court, but Depok City Government always lose to the Supreme Court. Ayi said that the people's desire is for the Judicial Review (PK) MA as a non-executive decision. "It has been 3 times will be executed every upcoming Eid. We can not allow this kind of friction, so it must be overcome because it involves the fate of reaching 5000 merchants, "said Ayi.

After the senators dig information from the traders, BAP Chairman Abdul Gafar Usman said that DPD RI will take the first step by digging information from the provincial government. West Java, City Government. Depok, and PT. Petamburan Jaya Raya. "After all the information collected, whether the meeting will occur here (DPD-red) or we are going to Depok, then we will talk specifically with the Minister of Agrarian Affairs," said Abdul Gafar. * int

24 Mei 2018