Forming a Special Committee to Follow Up the Amendment of MD3 Bill


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The House of Regional Representative (DPD) RI has established a Special Committee for the Rules of Procedure (Pansus Tatib) to follow up the 9th plenary meeting regarding the amendment of the Act on MPR, DPR, DPD and DPRD (MD 3) which has implications for the authority of DPD RI.

In the 10th Plenary Session of DPD RI led by Vice Chairman of DPD RI Nono Sampono and Darmayanti Lubis said that the formation of Special Committee related to changes in the authority of DPD RI since the revision of the MD3 Bill passed by Parliament.

In the revision of the Bill on MD3, DPD RI get new task not only the addition of one leader, DPD RI also given the authority to supervise and evaluate regional regulation (Perda), also formation of Raperda.

"With the stipulation of the membership, a meeting should immediately conducted for the election of the Special Committee, so that the Special Committee can immediately carry out their duties," explained Nono Sampono when heading the Plenary Session of the 10th Session DPD RI Session 2017-2018 in Nusantara Building V (6 / 3).

In the Meeting of the Consultative Committee (Panmus) DPD RI had previously decided that for the composition of members of the Special Committee namely 7 (seven) representatives from the Ethic Council (BK) DPD RI namely Mervin I.S Komber, ST; Fahira Idris, SH., MH; Gede Pasek Suardika, SH., MH; Dedy Iskandar Batubara, S.Sos., SH., MSP; H. Leonardy Harmainy Dt. Bandaro Basa, S.IP., MH; Adrianus Garu, SE., M.Si; Basri Salama, S.Pd.

In addition, there are 6 (six) other Representative consists of: Drs. H. Akhmad Muqowam (Committee I); Parlindungan Purba, SH., MM (Committee II); Dr. H. Ajiep Padindang, SE., MM (Committee IV); Intsiawati Ayus, SH., MH (BPKK); Drs. H. A. Budiono, M.Ed (PURT); Novita Anakkota (BAP).

In addition to forming the Special Committee to follow up the amendment of MD3 Act, the plenary session of DPD RI agreed on a number of issues that will be discussed during this fourth hearing. Committee I will continue the discussion on the Protection and Recognition of Indigenous Peoples Rights Bill. This bill is expected to maintain the continuity of indigenous peoples in Indonesia as well as improve the existence and contribution of indigenous peoples in development. In addition during this session, the Committee I will draft the Accelerating the Development of Underdeveloped Regions Bill that are expected to provide answers for development inequality for the region.

"The drafting of the two Bills is also an attitude of DPD RI to elaborate the potential of indigenous peoples as one of the main components of development as well as realizing equity for the region," said Nono Sampono.

Therefore, Committee II DPD RI will continue the discussion of the Food Sovereignty Bill and the Conservation and Utilization of Genetic Resources Bill. In the field of supervision, Committee II will conduct supervision in the fields of plantation, marine, fishery and agriculture.

While Committee III will continue discussing the Patient Protection Bill and the Amandment of Act Number 14 Year 2005 about Teachers and Lecturers. Committee III will also continue the preparation of DPD RI View of the Nursing Bill. In addition, the Committee III will conduct supervision over the Act No. 3 Year 2005 on National Sport System and supervision of Act No. 24 Year 2011 on BPJS, especially regarding BPJS Health.

Meanwhile, the Committee IV will continue the discussion of the Management of State and Regional Receivables Bill and the Increasing Revenue Original Region Bill. In the field of supervision, the Committee IV will supervise the Law regarding Sharia Financial Institutions. In addition, the Committee IV will also discuss the RPP Recommendation Year 2019 and the discussion of Fund Transfer Policy Projection in the Draft Bill on State Budget 2019 and the preparation of the consideration of Follow-up HAPSEM II BPK 2017.

In the plenary session, every senator submitted a report related to the absorption of aspiration activities in their respective areas during the recess. Several problems in the region were submitted to follow up through the DPD RI organs. * Mas / ars

06 Maret 2018