Parlindungan Purba: There are Still Many Obstacles to the Fulfillment of the Needs of the People's House


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - "The government has made many policy breakthroughs such as the One Million Housing Development Program for Low-Income Community (MBR) but there are still many obstacles to the fulfillment of people's home needs", said Parlindungan Purba in DPD Committee II Meeting RI with the Ministry of Public Works and People's Housing (KemenPuPR) which discussed the main issues of supervision over the implementation of Act No.1 Year 2011 on Housing and Settlement Area on the 3rd floor, Building B DPD RI on Tuesday (03/10/2017).

Fulfilling the needs of people's homes is not proportional to the population growth that allows the urbanization and slum settlement added Senator of North Sumatera. Constraints to the fulfillment of the people's needs are some of them explained by other members of Committee II, such as Senator Habib A. Bahasyim from South Kalimantan revealed that the housing loan financing system is not burdensome to the public and for improvements in the quality of national housing (perumnas) built by the government.

Anna Latuconsina also conveyed the aspirations of the Maluku region is for the budget housing not to be equated considering the geographical condition of each region in Indonesia is diverse.

"As my constituent aspirations in Maluku said that a lot of money have to be spent for housing there, let alone the problem of transport or other natural conditions such as waiting for the sea wave to recede to reach the densely populated areas, also the 3T (Remote, Outermost, Poorest) areas especially in Eastern Indonesia" explained this Senator of Maluku.

Different with the West Kalimantan Senator, Rubaeti Erlita who gave advice about the housing construction problems undertaken by the government to not only pursue targets that result in the utilization of the situation by unrelated developers.

"Obviously we want the Program for MBR to continue, so that if the President or the leader is changed it won’t be stopped", he added

On the same occasion, Anita Firman as Secretary General of KemenPuPR explained the purpose of the One Million House Program is to provide a habitable home and provide easy access for MBR.

"The 2015-2019 housing target for housing requirement (backlog) in 2014 was 7.6 million units decreased to 5.4 million units in 2019, so it dropped up to 2.2 million units. For uninhabitable houses from 2014 3 , it was 4 Million units to 2019 will become 1.9 Million Units thus decreasing to 1.5 Million units ", he explained

Anita Firman also responded to the discussion session of Working Meeting with Committee II member that KemenPuPR is doing revision of regulation so that there is SOP about the quality of habitable house along with its installment mechanism and 3T area problem, beside that we request DPD RI aid for local regulation on MBR licensing and data collection issues in the regions ", he explained. (ast)

03 Oktober 2017