Jakarta, dpd.go.id - DPD RI is of the view that it is important to form a Special Committee for Foreign Workers (TKA), because the rise of foreign workers can threaten and endanger the survival of the nation and state, Article 27 of the Constitution, the uncomplied constitutional rights of the Indonesian citizen, the high number of unemployment. It also endangers economic stability, where the state's goal of creating public welfare is not achieved. Endanger the stability of defense and security, triggering conflict because the employment opportunities of Indonesian citizens or migrant workers to be reduced.

Special Committee of TKA DPD RI according to Fahira, senator of DKI Jakarta, there has been conducted analysis and recommendation on the phenomenon of invasion of TKA to Indonesia based on the formulation of findings that have been obtained. "The results are obtained based on working meetings with relevant ministries, public hearings with government agencies and ministries and experts, working visits, peer review with experts and focus group discussions", added Fahira.

The formulation of findings, analysis and recommendations on the phenomenon of the invasion of foreign workers to Indonesia is summarized into a report submitted today to all Special Committee members at the Committee III DPD Meeting Room, Building B Floor 2, Parliament Complex Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (29/11/17 ).

Some of the findings of the Special Committee of Foreign Workers are about the entrance of the invasion of foreign workers to Indonesia through the visa free visa and regulatory clearance. Other findings are related to non-procedural foreign worker who occupy an inappropriate position and do not have IMTA. Obviously this violates the existing regulations in our country. Based on these findings, the Speceial Committee analyzed that there were issues related to the effectiveness of the law (regulation) on the use of foreign workers.

Based on the findings and analysis that have been done, Special Committee of TKA made some point about recommendation to the phenomenon of invasion of foreign workers to Indonesia. The recommendations are: (1) Involve the Ministry of Manpower at the ministerial meeting level when the assessment of foreign investment for preventive ensures labor law enforcement. (2) Revoke Presidential Decree 21/2016, review BVK for 196 countries. (3) Enforce the principle of reciprocity and selective policy principle. (4) Revoke Permenaker 16/2015 and 35/2015, revive the obligations of Indonesian language for foreign workers and the ratio of foreign workers with migrant workers as a companion. (5) Revise of Act 13/2003 in particular chapters and articles on the use of expatriates (Art. 42 to 49), strengthen and clarify the types of positions allowed for foreign workers, the competence standards of foreign workers (knowledge, skills, understanding of Indonesian language and culture), ratio TKA: TKI, supervision of special laborer of TKA. (nis)

29 November 2017