Committee III DPD RI Viewed the Recruitment of Migrant Workers Has Many Constraints


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The Committee III DPD RI held a hearing with the National Agency for the Placement and Protection of Indonesian Workers (BNP2TKI) concerning the protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI). Because, the protection of PMI, whether it is a candidate or Easter, is still causing problems.

There are still many problems, both from recruitment such as documents and not to mention placement problems, "said Chairman of Committee III DPD RI, Dedi Iskandar Batubara at DPD RI Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (5/9).

According to him, the economic movement of PMI occured more in the villages. But unfortunately it is not balanced by adequate protection. "For example, there are still many cases that befall PMI, either before or after work," he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of BNP2TKI Nusron Wahid explained that arrangements for migrant workers could not be their own in this case preparation or human resources. But because it is cross-border and involves foreign relations, it must be with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Labor. "That is the principle in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. So this is purely central authority. But now there is an impression of the race between the Ministry of Manpower and BNP2TKI, "he said.

In addition, before working the prospective migrant workers still face the non-procedural issue. In fact, while working, there are still workers who get non-industrial or industrial issues. "The warmest issue about non-industrial is suspected religious radicalism. or drug phenomena, "Nusron said.

He added that after became an immigrant worker or returned to their hometown because they could not manage money. Because of money missmanagement and unable to make business, they want to return to being migrant workers. "This is the obstacle of post-migrant workers," Nusron said.

05 September 2018