DPD RI Helps Promote Indonesian Coffee


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The House of Regional Representative of the Republic of Indonesia will always be ready to help facilitate and promote the local coffee in every event, both at home and abroad. That was the remark of the Vice Chairman of DPD RI, Nono Sampono in the event 'Ngopi Bareng Senator'. "This is a form of DPD RI’s attention to increase economic efforts of the people in the region," said this senator from Maluku in Nusantara V Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (14/3).
Nono explained the current state of Indonesian coffee production is ranked third largest in the world in terms of production. Indonesia's coffee production per hectare is still low compared to other major coffee-producing countries. Statistical data in 2015, Indonesia produces 741 kilograms of robusta seed per hectare and 808 kilograms of arabica seed per hectare. In Vietnam, this figure reached 1,500 kilograms per hectare in Brazil reaching 2,000 kilograms per hectare.

"Although our coffee production is in the top three of the world, this is not an exciting thing, if examined from the long history of existence, the role and growth of coffee plantations in Indonesia, that is located on the equator, tropical area that is very suitable for growing coffee, we could become the number one coffee supplier in the world ", Nono said.

In some areas, Indonesia has a very famous and quality coffee taste in the world, namely Luwak coffee known as the world's most expensive coffee and Mandailing coffee. "Therefore, with the uniqueness of the quality of coffee in the areas that we have, which are not owned by other countries, it should be better packaged in furthering the business in this coffee sector", said Nono.

Besides it is related to agricultural commodities, coffee is the fourth largest foreign exchange earner for Indonesia after palm oil, rubber and cocoa. Therefore, DPD RI strongly supports and appreciates the steps of regional heads in Indonesia to develop and expand coffee plantations, rejuvenate old plantations through intensification programs, and develop local SMEs in the region to improve the quality and innovation of coffee processing technology such as variations of taste, packaging, and so on. "So the coffee coming from various regions in Indonesia can compete with the coffee production of large companies, and regional coffee became a major player on the world stage," said Nono.

Plt.Secretary General of DPD RI, Ma'ruf Cahyono added the cooperation of this event is an effort to increase the potential of the region including the leading coffee in each region. "We have amazing products including coffee, it is a promotional event that we have a good commodity that can be searched internationally," Ma'ruf said.

The event was attended by senators of DPD RI, representatives of the Embassy of Colombia and the regents. It is located in the lobby area of Nusantara V also exhibited a variety of excellent coffee from each region

14 Maret 2018