Meeting the Ambassador of Russia, Chairman of DPD Requests for the Acceleration Railway Project in East Kalimantan

dpd.go.id Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Chairman of DPD RI, Oesman Sapta received a visit of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation Ambassador to Indonesia Lyudmila Vorobieva. On that occasion, they discussed the bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and Russia. Oesman Sapta welcomes the Ambassador of Russia for Indonesia. Moreover, has established good relations with the previous Ambassador of the Russian Federation. "Certainly the relationship between the two countries will be better because it gives a lot of hope especially in the economic field. We also welcome the arrival of Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit Indonesia for investment, "he said in Nusantara III Parliament Complex, Jakarta, Tuesday (24/4). Oesman sapta hopes that the railway builders in East Kalimantan can be accelerated. The reason, there are many more projects undertaken by Russia, especially bauxite. "Our bauxite is the largest in the world. So welcome to Russia. We are ready to help if Russia has problems or issues, "he said. He also thanked the Russian government for increasing investment in Indonesia. Because, Indonesia many resources that can be managed. "It is open to other countries. Moreover, we know that Russia is currently promoting its economy. In the future we hope the cooperation can increase, "said this senator from West Kalimantan. Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Indonesia Lyudmila Vorobieva admitted delighted to be in Indonesia especially for its hospitality and friendship. "We have many similarities even though Indonesia and Russia are very far away," he said. Lyudmila explained that Russia is currently underwent invasions from the United States and its allies mainly allegations of chemical weapons attacks on Syrian Douma by the United States and its allies. "This action is also wrong because so far there is no evidence to suggest a chemical weapons attack on Douma," he said. Thus, he continued, Russia is currently experiencing an unfavorable economy. For that, it is increasing cooperation in Asia, especially Indonesia. "Indeed, we are currently promoting cooperation with other countries," said Lyudmila.

24 April 2018