Indonesia Is in Emergency of Drugs


Jakarta - Fahira in opening the public hearing said, "The circulation of drugs is very massive, clearly a distinct threat to the generation of our nation". This was conveyed in the public hearing discussing about Narcotics held in Meeting Room of Committee III, Parliament Complex Senayan, Tuesday (08/29/2017). Fahira added various approaches made by many parties in the efforts of drug eradication, and one approach that can be done is through the Act.

Indonesia currently has Act No. 35 Year 2009 on Narcotics and Psychotropic, but in its implementation is still not significant to overcome the existing problems. For that purpose, it needs revision, in which Committee III invites Grenade and GANN to enrich material on drugs, prevention, eradication and other problems.

Rika as the Chairman of GANN said that the organization he leads today is aggressively participating and cooperating with many parties in the effort to eradicate drugs in our society. GANN is willing to participate in the discussion of the revision of the Narcotics Law, as it is considered very important.

Secretary General of DPP Granat Brigjen Pol (Ret.) Drs. H. Ashar Soerjobroto, MSi said that "Drugs are a threat to the nation's continuity, because the illicit traffic and drug abuse in this case Narcotics and other dangerous drugs have spread massively to all corners of the country". Indonesia's current condition according to Grenade is in Indonesia Emergency of Drugs, so hopefully we all here can provide materials needed to formulate tactical and strategic steps in revising the Act Number 35 Year 2009.

Related to the proposal of DPP Grenade on Act Number 35 Year 2009 on Narcotics and Psychotropics, Ashar said that it is necessary to create a law that separates between the Law on Eradication of Narcotics Criminal Act and the Law on National Narcotics Agency (BNN) even if necessary the Narcotics Criminal Justice should be regulated in a separate law.

Closing the meeting, Fahira said that the effort to approach through the Act is one of the efforts to save the nation's generation from the dangers of Drugs. (nis)

29 Agustus 2017