BAP Facilitates the Dispute of Karang Intan Land with the Army


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - "In de facto, we have 2500Ha (5x5) Km of land. It has been registered to be an invader of the state and entered into BMN (State Property) and granted authority to the Ministry of Defense (TNI AD) as the power of the user of state-owned management. The land we used for the battalion headquarters of Kodam VI / Mulawarwan, partly used for military training facilities in Kalimantan. Whatever happens as the person in charge of the land we will defend it. The status of the land is being certified due to budget constraints, it will be done gradually, "said Brigadier General Muhammad Munib, Director of Army Zone (Ditziad) at BAP hearing discussing land dispute in Karang Intan, South Kalimantan with TNI AD.

The hearing was held by the Public Accountabillity Commitee (BAP) of the House of Regional Representative (DPD) facilitated the dispute over the land of Karang Intan, Banjar, South Kalimantan between the Army and the community led by Abdul Gafar Usman, Chairman of BAP in Building B DPD RI Senayan-Jakarta , Wednesday (13/09/2017). Land disputes have long been occured since 1956 until now and both parties have mediated but have no common ground.

"The people want to certify the land they occupy but are hampered by BPN on the grounds of the land status over the power of the Army, the local people want to confirm the status of their land, we hope the army can give a win win solution," said Antung Fatmawati, Senator of South Kalimantan.

In line with Antung, Senator of Lampung, Andi Surya who is also a member of the Problem Analysis Team said that in accordance with the law, the abandoned state land that is not cultivated and is occupied by the community for more than 20 years; therefore, the community is entitled to certify the land. "The people are working on that, some people even already have valid certificates, we hope the Army can provide the best solution for the people," said Andi.

Colonel Czi Ludfie, Representative of the Ministry of Land (Kemhan) explained that the Ministry of Land's policy on the rights of land-controlled by the ministry entrusted in the IKN (State Inventory of Wealth) can be exempted on the condition that the land ownership is proved by an inkrah court ruling, which is based on the law. If it is only through mediation, it will not be disconnected and no results. The best way is by filing a lawsuit, if it is inkrah that the status of the land belongs to the people then we are at ease.

At the end of the hearing, the Head of BAP accompanied by Ahmad Sadeli Karim and Novita Anakotta as Vice Chairmen of BAP concluded that BAP encourages the government to recommend that the budget for certification of IKN land in the Army is increased because it will provide a solution to the problem of land disputes with the people. Conducting a hearing with Director General of State Treasury Ministry of Finance for confirmation related to IKN. BAP requests that the 5x5 km land title certificate be confirmed and communicated to the public so that the public may utilize the TNI land but may not own it. There will be a de facto review of the land occupied by the people. (ank)

13 September 2017