Akhmad Muqowam: There Needs to be an Understanding of the Implementation of the Village Act


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Vice Chairman of the House of Regional Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia, Akhmad Muqowam said that since the enactment of Act No.6 Year 2014 concerning Villages, many positive developments have taken place. Now, the village is no longer considered a peripheral issue, but a very important thing in science, government and development. In addition, the village also appears as a progressive village in accordance with the spirit of the Village Act. "It's because of the progressive new leadership, the support of learning and movement networks, understanding of the more complete Village Act, and the consolidation of movements in the village," explained this senator of the Central Java Province in a Seminar entitled "Optimizing the Implementation of Village Governance to Realize Villages" Prosperous' at Grand Sahid Hotel, Jakarta, Monday (01/10).

In supervising the implementation of the VillageAct, the DPD RI considers that there are still contradictions in institutions, contradictions of regulations and the elimination of regulations and actions against the Village Act. Muqowam explained that the regulation referred to was between PP No.43 / 2014 and PP Village Fund No. 60/2014 which collided mainly in the Village Budget (APB Desa). PP No.43 / 2014 divides the APBD (Regional Budget) 30% for operations and Fixed Income (SILTAP), 70% for public expenditure (development). While Government Regulation No.60/2014 exclusively regulates village funds only in development and empowerment. "In practice, in many regions where the village fund allocation is low and villages that have SILTAP are low, the composition becomes a problem," Muqowam said.

In addition, Muqowam also explained that village assistance prioritized the search for data for reports and implementation of village fund projects, rather than mentoring that educating, organizing and consolidating villages. "The village government is more busy taking care of the report than taking care of the people," he added.

Based on the evaluation, the DPD RI proposed to the government the need to replace two Government Regulations (PP No.43 / 2014 and PP No. 60/2014) into a new PP that was comprehensive and in accordance with the mandate of the Village Act, with important substance namely village financial management. "The finance of this village must be packaged differently with the government financial management model, it must be simpler but still prioritize accountability", said Muqowam who is responsible for the Village Act.

In the seminar, it is not only being attended by elements of the Government, from the center to the regions, but also attended by 60 academics from various Universities in Indonesia.

Furthermore, Muqowam appreciated the presence of academics at the seminar, so that it was expected to be able to make corrections to the implementation of the village development program, and in line with the noble mission of the Village Act. "I hope this forum can produce recommendations to President Jokowi, so that the Village Act goes according to the spirit of the Village Act," Muqowam said.

01 Oktober 2018