The President in the Future Must Have a Big Vision for Disaster Management


Jakarta, dpd.go.id, December 28, 2018 ? The 2004 Aceh earthquake and tsunami disaster can be said to be a wake-up call for this nation towards disaster management. The earthquake and tsunami in Aceh that claimed more than 240 thousand lives, devastated the entire city and resulted in losses of more than Rp. 42 trillion of this, awaken this nation that we live side by side with disaster.

The location of Indonesia in the Pacific ring of fire, is indeed susceptible to shocks of large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that have the potential for tsunamis. After Aceh, Indonesia's resilience to disasters was again tested starting from the Yogyakarta earthquake (2006), Padang earthquake (2009), Mentawai tsunami, Merapi Yogyakarta eruption, Wasior flash flood (2010), and disasters that occurred throughout 2018 namely the Lombok earthquake, earthquake and tsunami Donggala, and the last Banten-Lampung tsunami.

Senator or DPD RI member Fahira Idris revealed, in the past four years the implementation of disaster management in Indonesia starting from preparedness, early warning and disaster mitigation even the rehabilitation and reconstruction process did not experience significant progress from the previous period. In fact, many parties who argue experience a setback. Therefore, the President in the future must have a big vision of disaster management.

"Even though during President SBY, Indonesia has become a disaster management focal point not only in the Asian region but also in the world. Many developing countries learn from Indonesia how to handle disasters. Therefore, this nation has no other choice, besides having a President who has a big vision of disaster management, "explained Fahira Idris, in Jakarta (28/12).

According to Fahira, ideally disaster management in Indonesia in the last four years can be more planned, integrated, coordinated, and comprehensive because all instruments, both in terms of regulations (the Act No. 24 Year 2007 concerning Disaster Management) and disaster management agencies, are all already available.

Added with the experience of dealing with various post-earthquake and tsunami disasters in Aceh, according to Fahira, disaster management that occurs throughout 2018 should run better and progress, not the other way around.

"I want to remind the two candidates that disaster management in accordance with the mandate of the law is an integral part of national development priorities. Don't just be limited to narration in the vision and mission and in the RPJMN, but political will starting from the budget to the action program is not a priority, "Fahira said, who re-ran for the DPD RI member in DKI Jakarta Electoral District. #


28 Desember 2018