DPD RI Recieve WTP 13 times


Jakarta, dpd.go.id-DPD RI recieve the 13th of WTP since 2006 and get 2nd Rank Fastest completion in following up Recommendation of LHP BPK RI from 38 K / L. This was revealed during the submission of Report on Examination Result (LHP) on the Ministry of Finance / Institution Finance Report Year 2017 at State Finance Auditoriat III, at Auditorium of BPK RI, Jakarta. Tuesday (5/6/2018).

At the ceremony were present the Minister of Work Cabinet, Member III of BPK RI, Plt. Secretary General of DPD RI, Ma'aruf Cahyono and the entire Secretariat General of the Ministry of Institutions who are on duty in the State Auditoriat State III.

Member III of BPK, Achsanul Qosasi stated from 38 inspection entities that 13 Ministries and 25 State Secretariat Institutions and DPD RI ranked 1st and 2nd fastest in following up the LHP BPK RI Recommendation of 2017.

"The State Secretariat and DPD RI get the fastest rating in following up the recommendations of BPK RI, it should be followed by other Ministries and Institutions," said Achsanul.

For information, DPD RI received unqualified assessment from BPK RI since 2006 or 13 (thirteen) times in a row. It is the achievement and hard work of all elements of the Secretariat General of DPD RI in supporting the role and function of the House of Regional Representative of Indonesia.







05 Juni 2018