Ternate, dpd.go.id - Vice Chairman of DPD RI Nono Sampono said that the government's discourse on the maritime axis will not be realized if there are island regions that are still left behind and unnoticed. The existence of island regions can be the foundation of the existence of maritime axis. Therefore, Nono hopes that the islands bill could soon be enacted to advance the archipelagic regions with gaps compared to the mainland regions in Indonesia.

In the event of Socialization of the Protection of Indigenous Peoples Rights Bill and the in the Mayor's Hall of Ternate on Friday (6/7), Nono Sampono said that in Indonesia there is still disparity between the archipelago and the mainland. The budgeting portion given for archipelagic areas is not sufficient for development. The budgeting system based on the population is considered unfair to the archipelago. Where the budget of one district on the island of Java sometimes equal to the budget of one province in the archipelago.

"As a result of this disparity, all is left behind. Archipelago island revenue is far behind. If this allows to continue, it will be a serious problem, "he said in the event also attended by the Mayor of Ternate, Expert Staff of Politics, Law and Governance of North Maluku Province, and Sultan of the Kingdom in Ternate.

According to the Senator of Maluku Province, the islands region is the main capital in the realization of Indonesia as a maritime axis of the world. Indonesia can not become the world's maritime axis if there are areas left behind.

"I think if not resolved, the maritime axis will not work. It's like making a building, there are holes. The holes were the archipelago. All things are left behind, poor, and so forth, "said Nono Sampono.

Nono also said the islands bill as a solution to the problems of disparity experienced by the islands regions. The bill allows the islands to obtain more budgets for development needs. Currently, the islands bill is in the DPR for discussion. He hoped that the bill can be passed soon.

"Now the condition is a developed and undeveloped region. The undeveloped is the archipelago. So it should be given special attention, a special treatment of development. And it can be done using a law, even the president's promise can not, "he added.

Meanwhile, the Senator from North Maluku, Basri Salama, requested that every regional head in the archipelago to give full support to the bill. What is fought by DPD RI through this bill is a form of struggle for the region. If passed, the bill will benefit the islands regions that are currently lagging behind.

"We want to encourage a just state against society. If we are not supported by the regions, we will by considered playing around by the center, "said Basri.

In addition to disseminating the issue of the Islands Regions, Nono Sampono also conducted a socialization on the Bill on the Protection of Indigenous Peoples Rights. The existence of this bill is expected to provide protection to indigenous peoples for their rights. Because there has been frequent conflict over the rights of indigenous peoples through the existence of emerging regulations.

"We have just passed the Bill on the Protection of Indigenous Rights, this is important. Maluku and North Maluku are indigenous peoples. Do not let a collision between the interests of customary protection with positive law. Because now many problems arise when to use customary law or positive law. With this law, it can regulate to avoid any collision, "he explained.



06 Juli 2018