The Regions Can Directly Cooperate with Foreign Investors


Bintan, dpd.go.id - In the opening of Regional Diplomatic Meeting (rdm), Bahar Ngitung, senator of South Sulawesi and also as Chairman of the Committee for Parliamentary Cooperation gave the highest appreciation to the Riau Islands Province and the Government of Bintan Regency to support RDM activities.

Bahar also congratulated the awarding of the title of National Hero for Sultan Mahmud Riayat Syah on November 10, 2017, hopefully the title can further strengthen the regional ties in NKRI which was held at Hotel Nirwana Gardens, Bintan, Wednesday (15/11/2017).

Bahar continued, the cooperation between countries is mostly done between government to government where the central government becomes the representative of Indonesia in cooperation with the regional government whereas the regional autonomy law has provided an opportunity for the regions to cooperate directly with foreign investors.

"Because of the lack of regional understanding about overseas investors also the lack of facilities, and promotion of regional potentials with overseas, therefore the Law on Regional Autonomy can not run properly" (idr)


15 November 2017