DPD RI Encourages the Spa Workers to Go International for Health Not Entertainment


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee III DPD RI hopes the government will immediately provide a clear legal umbrella for Indonesian migrant workers in the spa or therapist sector. In fact, the Act No. 18 Year 2017 concerning the Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers has not given hope to spa workers or therapists.

Although this profession is often considered to have a negative connotation, the spa actually has health benefits. In fact, the demand for spa workers or therapists both at home and abroad increases every year.

"Act Number 18 Year 2017 regulates migrant workers both before and during the placement country. However, the provisions of migrant workers in the spa sector or therapist on the Act are not yet clear, "said Vice Chairman of Committee III DPD Novita Anakotta in the DPD RI Building Parliament Complex, Jakarta, Tuesday (7/5).
According to him, based on the results of working visits of Committee III DPD RI in East Java, North Sumatera and East Nusa Tenggara. Committee III DPD RI has found several facts such as Indonesian migrant workers in the tourism sector, namely spas or therapists have not been maximized by East Java, North Sumatera and East Nusa Tenggara. "Even though the three regions are producers of spa labor or therapists," said Novita.
Novita also considered that the income sector for spa workers or therapists was quite promising. "This is because of the lack of information so that it is not maximized. "Of course Indonesia has the opportunity to send spa workers or therapists abroad," she hoped.
In essence, she continued, every Indonesian citizen (WNI) has the right to decent work and life which has been mandated in the 1945 Constitution. However, in its implementation the country has not been able to provide decent employment. "So many people are competing to work abroad on the grounds of improving their lives," said this Maluku senator.
Meanwhile, Member of the Committee III DPD RI Intsiawati ayus explained that the DPD RI must protect national assets such as spa labor or therapists. Because so far there is no legal umbrella that focuses on this spa or therapist workforce. "We have to know where this spa or therapist workforce is placed. If necessary, we ask for the revision of this Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection Act, " she said.
On the same occasion, Chairwoman of the Indonesian Therapist Spa Association (ASTI) Kusumadewi Sutanto recounted that she had received support from the Ministry of Tourism regarding the potential of spa workers or therapists, and was authorized by the Ministry of Health namely a letter of recommendation for the implementation of massage. "Even the Ministry of Culture and Education has also provided skills and scholarships to be able to work abroad," she said.
Regardless of this, Kusumadewi explained that spas have less or negative connotations. Whereas, the spa has a purpose for health. "Nevertheless, we are considered to be an entertainment, so our taxes are high. We have already said that a spa is for health and well-being not entertainment, " she explained.
In addition, ASTI has also socialized that spas are not only for men or women. Instead, it is for everyone, but most importantly the place must be separated. "Even though the Ministry of Health and Kemenpar have decided on a spa for health and not entertainment," said Kusumadewi.

07 Mei 2019