BAP Follows Up the Aspirations of Ex-employees of PT Exxon Mobil of North Aceh


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The Public Accountability Committee (BAP) of the House of Regional Representative (DPD) invites the Acehnese and North Aceh Provincial Governments in a Hearing (RDP) to follow up the ex-employee of PT.Exxon Mobil aspirations in North Aceh regarding to their rights that have not been paid by the company. The hearing was led by Abdul Gafar Usman, Chairman of BAP accompanied by Ahmad Sadeli Karim, Vice Chairman of BAP together with members of BAP in Building B DPD RI Senayan-Jakarta, Thursday (07/12/2017).

Ghazali Abbas Adan, Senator of Aceh stated that the BAP Analysis Team has conducted a working visit with former employees and the North Aceh Regency Government. Based on the aspirations, the former employees have not received gratuity and compensation pay money when the layoffs were unilaterally and abruptly conducted in 2003. Whereas in PT.Arun, the employee who was dismissed earn money rewards or services. So far it has been mediating and deliberation but without a binding decision. "BAP mediates to get a win-win solution, for the former employees as well as for the company," said Ghazali.

On the same occasion, the Head of Aceh Manpower Supervision Division, Putra R raised the issue of PT. Exxon Mobil with its former employee has been completed in 2013. In terms of employment norms, it has been completed, but when it comes to the service money, it is the policy of the company. Meanwhile the former employees do not have a direct working relationship with PT. Exxon Mobil but with vendors / third parties from the company.

It was confirmed by Ichwan Section, Head of North Aceh Labor Inspection that the workforce is under the vendor of Exxon Mobil. All safeguards and safety aspects are the responsibility of the vendor. The vendor’s responsibility has been completed. We conveyed normatively, that third party companies have already settled their obligations.

Senator of West Nusa Tenggara, Lalu Suhaimi Ismy gave appreciation to the Aceh and North Aceh Provincial Government for its seriousness to follow up the matter. He asked the local government to clarify to third parties / vendors, whether the vendor has correctly given the rights of all former employees referred. "We ask for help from the local government closer to the community to track the vendor, whether they have an agreement with the employee and when they are dismissed, does the right of all employees has been given appropiately," asked Lalu Suhaimi.

At the end of the hearing, the BAP DPD RI Chairman concluded that the BAP would conduct a hearing to invite the Ministry of Manpower and PT.Exxon Mobil after the regional visit agenda in mid-January 2018; The hearing will invite the local government (Aceh Province and North Aceh Provincial Government) and will establish the Aceh Government as coordinator for clarification to former employees regarding the rights received while for the vendor related to the obligations being resolved; further data are prepared at the end of December as an upcoming RDP material.

07 Desember 2017