The Committee II DPD RI Encourages Acceleration of Port Development in Regions


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee II DPD RI held a meeting with PT. Indonesian Port II (Pelindo II) concerning the development of ports in the regions in order to develop regional economies. Along with the Nawacita program related to the development of the sea toll road, regions are expected to have adequate ports for trade flow activities.

According to Chairman of Committee II DPD RI, Aji Muhammad Mirza Wardana, currently Indonesia does not have a port that can accommodate international trade channels such as in Singapore. As a result the trade route to and from Indonesia must pass through Singapore. Therefore, export-import of regional products cannot be carried out from Indonesia to other countries, but must pass through Singapore first.

"We encourage the export process from all regions to pass through Tanjung Priok. And the integration of ports in regions with large ports can provide access for businesses in the region to export without having to go to Singapore first, "he said at the Tanjung Priok Pelindo II office on Wednesday (10/10).

Senator of West Sulawesi Province, Rev. Marthen said export activities using ships that had to be carried out from Singapore caused losses to Indonesia. The exported regional products are not known that the product originated from Indonesia. He hoped that there is a port in Indonesia that can accommodate export activities from Indonesia to other countries without having to go through Singapore.

"We from Sulawesi were disappointed, because chocolate from Indonesia was not known. That's because it was sent from Singapore. Our chocolate is produced, but because it is shipped from another country, our chocolate is not known from Indonesia, "he said. Meanwhile, Senator of Bengkulu Province, Ahmad Kanedi, hoped that Pelindo II would develop the port in Baai Island, Bengkulu. According to him, through the development of Baai Island as a special economic area, it could lift the economy of Bengkulu Province. "We sincerely hope all stakeholders in Bengkulu Province and the areas around Bengkulu to jointly provide support to Pelindo to accelerate the development of Baai Island as an international port," said this Senator who is familiarly called Bang Ken.

On the same occasion, Director of Operations and Information Systems, Prasetyadi, explained that Pelindo II continued to strive to develop ports in Indonesia. Currently Pelindo II is developing several ports in the region, such as in Pontianak and Sorong. Regarding support for export-import activities through Indonesia, Prasetyadi explained that Tanjung Priok is ready to serve the export and import activities of regional products. He asked DPD RI to be able to help communicate the matter to the government as a regulator in order to make Tanjung Priok as an entry point for the export-import flow of Indonesian products. *** ars


10 Oktober 2018