Committee IV DPD RI Asks BPDP-KS to Pay Attention to the Welfare of Palm Farmers


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - In the framework of supervising the implementation of Act Number 19 Year 2003 on State-Owned Enterprises, Committee IV DPD RI held a Hearing Meeting (RDP) together with the BPTP-KS is a Public Service Agency with the task of raising funds from plantation business actors or better known as CPO Supporting Fund (CSF) to be used as a supporter of sustainable palm oil development program.

Present in the RDP, Dono Boestami who is the President Director of BPDP-KS. According to Dono, the issue of the collection of CPO export levy funds reaches 1 Trillion per month, where initially this levy is the occurrence of low palm oil selling price in 2015 that is 500 dollars per ton, so a levy is required to help farmers.

"53% reforestation is private farmers, 41% are self-reliant farmers, so anyone who owns palm oil and fulfills its category will be assisted with the rejuvenation of the land", Dono continued.

Responding to what was presented by the President Director of BPDP-KS, Central Java Senator, Bambang Sadono questioned the use of export levy funds that have been collected in large quantities. Because the origin of CPO export fund collection is the drop in CPO prices that make farmers' fate worse.

"So many have to be helped, both palm farmers and bio diesel sector. Whereas simply, the focus is to save the oil palm farmers, and if the money is abundant why should the Ministry of Finance borrow money of levy funds with a large amount of up to 2 trillion", said Bambang Sadono.

Ajiep Padindang, Chairman of Committee IV DPD RI also criticized the provision of subsidies to palm oil companies that do not get to the oil palm farmers. The funds are only enjoyed by the palm oil industry, not the oil palm growers. In fact, BPDP-KS exposure mentioned the allocation of rejuvenation assistance given to private plantations by 53%, to self-help farmers 41% and 6% to the palm plantation managed by BUMN.

"Oil palm plantation companies receive large subsidies but farmers just listen and do not get help, I hope the government is more focused on the welfare of oil palm farmers", said Ajiep. (sna)

22 Januari 2018