The Society Expects the Authority of DPD RI to be on par with DPR RI


Bengkulu, dpd.go.id - Vice Chairman of the House of Regional Representative of the Republic of Indonesia Akhmad Muqowam and DPD RI Member from Bengkulu Province Mohammad Saleh visited orange plantations and immediately met with farmers and villagers in Curup, Rejang Lebong, Bengkulu on Thursday (13 / 12).

They listened to the complaints and hopes of the people on the performance of DPD RI. Most of the people put great hopes on DPD RI to increase the livelihood of citrus farmers in particular and the villages in Rejang Lebong in general.

Hearing the aspirations of the people, Akhmad Muqowam explaining the legislative functions that exist in the DPD RI, one of which is the supervision of the Village Act, which was carried out by DPD RI, especially Committee I. Akhmad Muqowam who also gave birth to Act No. 6 Year 2014 on Villages explained The Village Fund must be truly utilized for programs that build villages, both infrastructure and village community empowerment activities. "My struggle when I became Chairman of the Village Law Special Committee was to be utilized, and our struggle to increase the village budget must also be used as well as possible so the community felt the benefits," said this senator of Central Java.

Meanwhile Muhammad Saleh revealed that as long as he was a member of DPD RI, he wanted to touch the community directly in real programs. However, the obstacles faced were the limited authority of DPD RI. "If the function of DPD RI is the same as that of DPR RI, especially about the budget, I am sure it can help more people, unfortunately DPD RI has no function of approval or endorsement," said M. Saleh.

Hearing the explanation of the two DPD members, the community became aware of the functions of the legislature. "We are pleased with the presence of the gentlemen here, because we are aware of the work of the DPR and DPD, hopefully we can feel the work of DPD like DPR which has produced the Village Act", said one community member.

14 Desember 2018