TANJUNG PRIUK-Vice Chairman of DPD RI, Nono Sampono visits Tanjung Priok port and Pulogebang terminal to check the info on the readiness of Homecoming transportation mode of Lebaran/Eid 2017, Thursday (22/6/2017).

Nono assesses the Tanjung Priok port is very ready. "I check the facilities here are good enough, health posts, security posts are also ready, especially prayer facilities and beds like hotel also become the advantages of this marine transportation compared to other modes of transportation," says Nono.

On the same occasion, Vice Chairwoman of Committee III, Fahira Idris says the promotion of sea transportation mode is still lacking, causing the downward trend of travelers via sea.

"I see the facility is good, but with non maximal promotion, imagine if Pelindo can do promotion to companies who want to hold free trip to the employees and the surrounding community, then the use of sea transportation modes will absorb quite a lot of passengers," says this Senator of DKI Jakarta.

Related to the drug smuggling and other security problems in the booming harbor during homecoming, Nono requests that it be tightened with the presence of BIN and the alert police.

The same thing about the decline of enthusiasts passengers via sea is said by the Head of Port Authority of Tanjung Priuk, Nyoman Gede.

"There has not been a surge of passengers, even there is a tendency to fall within 5 years backward, probably because users switch to train mode and airlines," he says.

According to Nyoman, the Passenger Dock area is 170m2, so it is enough to accommodate travelers balanced with the downstream frequency of the ship.

About the smuggling of drugs and sharp weapons, Nyoman says that the current inspection with x ray has been applied and is expected to be effective to prevent smuggling of drugs and other dangerous weapons.

At the end of the visit of Tanjung Priok port, Vice Chairman of DPDRI hopes that the public can know the good facilities in sea transportation mode.

"We are here to check and measure the readiness of the government to face Lebaran 2017, we hope through the publication media, it will disseminate information to the public about the readiness of the government in accommodating the activities of people going home," says Nono who is also the Senator of Maluku.

Furthermore, the Group continues to review the Pulo Gebang bus terminal to see the readiness of this inter-city inter-provincial, and inter-city transportation modes.

Here, DPD RI Vice Chairman checks the health tests for bus drivers.

"I think the safety of passengers have been guaranteed, because before the bus driver goes on duty their urine is checked to ensure being free of alcohol and drugs," he says.

Nono sampono also checks the health posts, and electronic ticket sales counter that has been operating well.
According to Nono checking the readiness of the bus unit or known as running check has also been running well.

"The improvement of the service should be good, and this kind of terminal should have online system and to reduce brokers, this modern terminal must be balanced with modern technology as well," says Nono.

In addition, Nono Sampono accompanied by DKI Senator, Fahira Idris also look at the conditions of buses in the terminal Pulogebang that are ready to transport passengers on Lebaran 2017

"We check that the procedure before the bus depart is also tight, there is check brakes, headlights, sign lights, wind pressure to the brake lights, I hope the bus driver is not reckless on the street so that it can lower the accident rate on the street," he concludes. (Adn / Mas) 

22 Juni 2017