Leebong Island, The Hidden Paradise in Belitung


Babel, dpd.go.id - Leebong Island may still be unfamiliar for travelers. This island located in the Bangka Belitung Islands Province (Babel) is like a hidden paradise in Indonesia. So it's no wonder Leebong Island is often juxtaposed with the Maldives of Indonesia.

Indeed, the State of Laskar Pelangi is currently intensively promoting its tourism. Babel which is an archipelago has around 470 islands and there are 50 inhabited islands. This is the reason how the potential of marine tourism is able to present interesting experiences.

Not only proud of its marine tourism, the province of Babel, which is a division of the region from the Province of South Sumatera, is famous for its hospitality. So Babel can be seen as an attractive destination and included as tourist list.

Speaking of Leebong Island, access to locations is also very easy. From the port of Tanjung Ru, it only takes 20 minutes to reach the destination. In fact, on our journey we will be presented with blue sea and calm waves.

Before arriving to Leebong Island, our eyes will be spoiled with mangrove forests that seem to take us to the Amazon. Not surprisingly, the mangrove forest in Leebong is the best in Belitung.

With an area of around 17 hectares, of course, mangrove forests will be an exciting practice. The clear water around the mangrove forest will clearly see mangrove habitat growing on the sand during the day.

Upon arrival on this 37-hectare island, our eyes are again surprised by the beautiful scenery of the island. The blue sea, the calm waves, and the white sand seemed to lead everyone who came. So naturally, Leebong Island will get an award from Tripadvisor Excellence 2018.

Not to mention the beauty of Chicas Beach, a vast white sand beach with three gazebos roofed in red, blue and yellow. It is named Chicas because around this beach you can see cycad plants that thrive.

Chicas Beach has tidal characters. It recedes in the morning until late afternoon, so that the white sand that is clean and very wide appears .You can enjoy the beach on foot or even cycling without getting wet.

The clean shoreline and the maintenance of forests on Leebong Island are a haven for animals and plants. With the left the ecosystem remains so that visitors can enjoy the enchanting magic.

"Here there are still mouse deer, deer, and many species of birds here. Those who spent the night here will feel its natural nuance, "said the owner of Leebong Island, Tellie Gozelie. In addition to swimming and playing white sand, Leebong also provides facilities for other activities, such as hammocks on the water, swings, paddleboarding, and bicycles to get around the island. For those of you who are fond of selfie then this place is perfect.

In addition, it is very pleasant to walk while enjoying the part of the island that is filled with grove of trees. While going around, you will be invited to recognize some of the flora of Leebong Island such as cycad trees, gelam trees, simpor trees, and many more.

After all the activities have been carried out, of course there is nothing wrong with staying at the resort. Leebong Island Resort has four types of villas, the first is the barracks tent, Chicas Villa, Barata Villa, and Pohon Villa (Zara Tree).

Make no mistake, this Zara Villa is very unique because all house materials are made of wood, ranging from poles, stairs, walls, floors, roof truss, even the bathroom. While the roof uses coconut leaves that have dried.

There is a small veranda almost surrounding the entire outside of the villa. And on one side of the veranda is a ladder to climb, a place to relax in a tree.

"Zara Villa is suitable for couples who are on a honeymoon. In fact, this Villa is quite famous for Malaysians. Because there was a filmmaking here, "Tellie said.

The man who was born in Tanjung Pandan December 10, 1970 told that this resort was not yet perfect. In the future, Tellie will build a hotel on Leebong Island. "This can't be said to be perfect. Because this is still a process. In the future we also plan to build a hotel, "he hoped.

Tellie hoped that the development of Belitung tourism will be supported by the central government. According to him, so far the local government has not maximally promoted Belitung tourism to the international world because there is no promotion fund. "It needs the role of the central government to build Belitung tourism potential, if there are already Bali and Lombok, the development of coastal tourism in Belitung must have government involvement the center, so that there is even distribution of tourism development in Indonesia, "he said. 



03 November 2018