Committee I DPD RI: Implementation of Special Autonomy Has Not Been Maximum


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee I DPD RI sees that the implementation of Special Autonomy (Otsus) in Aceh, Papua and West Papua has not been maximized. This was revealed in the Committe I hearing  led by Fachrul Razi and Jacob Esau Komigi with the former Director General of Regional Autonomy 2010-2014 Jhohermansyah Johan and Researcher from LIPI Siti Zuhro in Committee I DPD RI Meeting Room, Senayan Jakarta. Wednesday, September 12, 2018.

According to Aceh Senator Fachrul Razi, currently the Special Autonomy has been running for 10 years in Aceh and will end in 2027, 17 years of Papua and the expiry of 2021. West Papua starts from 2008. However, progress in the region is still lacking.

"Based on evaluation of special autonomy in these 3 provinces. Our finding in Papua, there are not yet fully Perdasus and Perdasi that accommodate the Special Autonomy, then the problems of poverty, economic disparity, relations between regional, social and political centers, security are of special concern, "he said.

In addition, the Committee I has not seen any implementation from the special autonomy blueprint. Another finding is the capacity of regional institutions and the ability to absorb the budget of the Special Autonomy Region is still low. Likewise the occurrence of the attraction of authority.

"Related to the regional regulations on Special Autonomy products are still weak and not more than 50%, this is not according to expectations, moreover the local elites are still thick with the role of thinking short-term, not long-term thinking about regional welfare," he continued.

According to senior researcher from LIPI Siti Zuhro, it is very necessary to have integrated supervision between the Ministry of Home Affairs, BPK, BPKP, Inspectorate in conducting integrated supervision on the use of special autonomy funds. So far, the special autonomy budget management is not comprehensively understood, and the philosophy is still lacking. Apart from that, lack of supervision and lack of impact.

"Regions can form a task force either the House of Representatives of Aceh (DPRA) in Aceh or the Papuan People's Assembly (MRP) given flexibility in supervision. Supervision must be integrated between the Ministry of Home Affairs, BPK, BPKP, Inspectorate in the use of Special Autonomy funds to be right on target and have an impact, because seeing now it seems that there is still little impact generated from the Special Autonomy Fund, "Siti said.

In line with this, Former Director General of 2010-2014 OTDA Djohermansyah DJohan stated that some points of Otsus in the field of social cultural economic politics of fiscal and administrative given by the central government in certain regions are aimed at embracing because there is turmoil, to raise economic status.

"Otsus must prosper the region, the revolving fund is so large that it needs supervision. Supervision can be weak because of the large authority possessed by the region should not to get out of control, " said Djohan.

12 September 2018