Yogya Mothers Love Learning


Kraton, dpd.go.id - The turmoil of the digital world is no longer limited to the high-tech sector, but has far affected all sectors of life. Various circles constantly raise the "new era" of affirmed globalization in "data flow" and information that is closely related to economic revival.

However, the era of trade in goods through the transmission of information and data determines the movement of virtual transactions towards a new round of competition.

The jungle market is wide spread in cyberspace. Between global competition and capitalless businesses are able to reach the international market.

For this reason, Google in collaboration with IWAPI (the Association of Indonesian Business Women) specifically looked at the important role of women in the movement of the micro and small business economy.

In a small discussion at Kraton Kilen, Friday (14/12) afternoon, with GKR Hemas,

Mugi Rahayu Wilujeng, as the Yogya Womenwill and Dimas Ragil Mumpuni (Jogjakarta Digital Gate), explained that 51% of micro and small businesses in Indonesia are owned by mothers, but the average of women from small economic actors has not used the internet as a supporter of their business.

It is known, Womenwill is an inspirational idea from Google for women entrepreneurial creativity in Indonesia. This creative class has been started since May 17, 2017, until now Google has trained more than 1 million UKM which are trained through a combination of direct training and two digital training programs namely womenwill (women-only classes) and Digital Archway for the middle class.

"While holding the training in Yogya, it is evident that mothers are very enthusiastic about learning compared to fathers. "This fact makes Google even more convinced that technology gadgets for mothers are becoming increasingly depleted," Dimas said.

Responding to this statement, GKR Hemas conveyed that, so far women are small economic actors, on average implementing a personal work system. "They produce, sell themselves and look for buyers themselves, so to administer Social Media is a separate obstacle. Because it requires the involvement of other parties to get around. If necessary, the children of Vocational School become the administrator, "said GKR Hemas.

However, the consort of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X agreed with the movement carried out by Google, as one way of equalizing income. "Of course, with the opening of markets in the digital world for mothers, there is a new hope in the market which has been considered to be lacking in favor of small businesses. Even though the small business component is able to survive, "said Hemas.

In addition, GKR Hemas also reminded, in addition to providing knowledge about the digital market for mothers, the initial step that needs to be done is to lay the foundation of the production system. Of course, if you have entered the global market, you need community work. "At Dekranasda, every year they collect data on UMKM players, because in fact it has only been recorded for a year, it turns out that it is closed. So the production component also needs attention, "said Hemas.

Still personal

Another obstacle, continued Hemas, is that small business people are also often 'scared' of making transactions via digital. So it takes bumpers both personal and institutional.

"So far, big business people in Indonesia still think personally, and it is difficult to find ?Jack Ma' of Indonesia, which dares to be a shield for small economic actors, "he said.

Therefore, it needs a separate room to look for that figure. "Let's sit together, and abandon group and personal interests, to move together," said GKR Hemas. (Team-Humas)


14 Desember 2018