Public Accountability Committee of DPD RI – Mempawah Regency Government Discusses the Land Dispute


Mempawah (Antara Kalbar) – The main team of Public Accountability Commitee (BAP) of DPD RI together with Mempawah Regency Government, West Kalimantan, discussed and conducted a hearing with a number of community representatives related to land dispute with PT. Tri Kartika.

Vice Regent of Mempawah, Gusti Ramlana on Thursday in Mempawah said based on the data inventoried, land exploitation by PT Tri Kartika is based on permits owned that is related to the management of small industries in the region.

While stakeholders (local people) who feel they have rights over the land claim to have not received any compensation.

The land dispute, namely in Sungai Burung Village, and Sungai Purun with PT Tri Kartika in Segedong Sub-district. The main team of BAP DPD RI directly led by BAP Chairman, Abdul Gafar Usman, Abdul Rahmi (member), Iskandar Muda B Lopa (member), Fahira Lora Idris (member), and Marhani VP PUA (member).

"The presence of Public Accountability DPD RI Team is expected to provide positive views that can encourage the best solution to the existing problems," he said.

Chairman of Public Accountability Committee Team of DPD RI Abdul Gafar Usman stated that the society and entrepreneurs are important elements in sustaining development, as in the case of tax contribution, however for the issue of the people in the region of course the state must attend.

"Therefore, we DPD RI presents here to listen concretely, of course the industry is expected to run well, the interests of society also goes well, but the existing laws and legislation must also be respected," he said.

He encouraged BPN and Mempawah Regency Government to do the mapping, and asked the heads of subdistrict and district heads for not to recommend or extend the HGB, HGU structurally before the problems in the field were resolved.

Meanwhile, Head of BPN Mempawah, Komarudin stated that the task of BPN is to map the land, but to the land owned by the community as long as it is not registered, BPN does not map it.

"Related to our duty, for mapping the object of land with the number 133 initially on behalf of PT Kapuas Makmur with a land area of more than 172 hectares, with a history of purchase rights in 1995. Then it was issued a certificate on July 21, 1996 HGB 30 years that will end in 2026. HGB was further diverted through PPAT to PT Tri Kartika in 2015, "said Komarudin.

Segedong Sub-district, Abdul Malik hoped through this forum there will be a common thread to solve community problems, and can be resolved legally.

Meanwhile, representing the residents, Suhardi stated that his party had done the mediation at BPN Mempawah, and the result was a new format that inventory the object of land that is currently in question.

"We hope this issue will be solved in better ways, and we want the rights of the people not to be neglected," he said.

Source: http://kalbar.antaranews.com/berita/351645/dpd-ri-pemkab-empawah-bahas-kengkulu-tanah

07 September 2017