Jakarta - To realize the food security of Indonesia, the import of cattle in Indonesia should be lowered by way of livestock. This is conveyed by Vice Chairman of DPD RI, Nono Sampono when visited PD Dharmajaya slaughterhouse in Cakung, Friday morning (23/6/2017).

Nono sampono conveys the importance of not relying on imported meat from outside.

"Indonesia should not rely on meat stock, because if there is one obstacle in distribution then the meat stock will also be empty," he says.

On the same occasion, PD Darma Jaya President Director, Marina Ratna Kusumajati says that the stock of beef is still following the market demand.

"The cattle in PD Dharmajaya is mostly come from Kupang NTT, and to meet the market needs, we also import meat from Australia," he says.

According to Marina, one way out for stocks of cattle is import, meanwhile to meet the needs and quality of good meat a farm requires a large capital.

"The cow breeding is not easy, from breeding to cutting it takes 2 years and 8 months, in that process the feeding and medicines required are given to the cattle, and that will be directly proportional to the large cost, so if the government does not help it will hard to do it all, "says Marina.

Therefore, PD Dharmajaya as BUMD still finds it difficult to do breeding, which is currently still under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture.

For the sales method, Marina reveals of already doing direct sales and online sales.
"We directly sell via online at www.belidaging-dj.com and the meat will be delivered to the place, with minimal purchase 200 thousand rupiahs, then we deliver it with free shipping cost. We also sell it directly to Bakso Atom, every day we cut 2 -3 cows to fulfill their orders," he says.

Vice Chairman of DPD RI, Nono Sampono hopes Indonesia's food security against meat could be better at least in the next 2 years.
In the meeting, the food security task force represented by the Head of Public Relations of POLRI Setyo Wasisto and DIRTIPIDEKSUS, Brig. General Setya also attended the hearing. (Adn / Mas) 

23 Juni 2017