Committee II DPD RI: Regional Bulog Has Difficulty in Distributing Food Stock


Banjarmasin, dpd.go.id - Committee II DPD RI found that Bulog in the region faced difficulties in distributing food stock. This was revealed in a meeting between the Committee II with the State Logistics Agency (BULOG) Regional Division of South Kalimantan Province, at the Office of Bulog Banjarmasin South Kalimantan, Monday (9/4).

Attending the meeting were Vice Chairman and member of Committee II DPD RI, Kadek Arimbawa, Habib Abdurrahman Bahasyim, Permana Sari, Mesakh Mirin, Aceng Holik Munawar Fikri, and Dedi Supriyadi, Head of Regional Division of Bulog Banjarmasin.

In the Working Visit of Committee II DPD RI to Perum Body of Logistics Division Regional Division of South Kalimantan Province in the framework of List of Inventory Problems related to the drafting of Food Sovereignty Bill. Committee II got input from Bulog Banjarmasin that the problem is not only food stock, but also the problem of storage and distribution of food stock so as not to be damaged for too long kept in the warehouse.

"These inputs are very much expected, we see the list of these issues can be a reference in our drafting of the bill, we see that Bulog difficulties are not only in saving but also distributing the stocks," said Vice Chairman of Committee II DPD RI.

Head of Regional Division of Bulog Banjarmasin, Dedi Supriyadi agreed on this. Dedi stated that the target distribution of food stock should be proportional to the availability of stock.

"Preserving and storing stocks is not easy, for example, rice should not be stored in the warehouse too long because it will reduce its quality.

Meanwhile, South Kalimantan Senator, Habib Abdurrahman Bahasyim argued that Bulog's internal control system should be strengthened to further enhance its existence and authority in realizing food sovereignty.

"There is a need to strengthen the internal control system in Bulog, the goal is that in the existence of Bulog in maintaining food sovereignty can be maintained," he said.

Earlier, I Kadek Arimbawa stated that they have found similar problems in other regions in the inventory of this Food Security Bill.

"These inputs are important and hopefully will be conveyed in the plenary session later, and in the name of DPD may the result be useful for the region," quoted this Bali senator during a press conference.


09 April 2018