Jakarta - Unity of the Indonesian nation should not be destroyed, the spirit of building the country must be grown. Do not let the struggle of the heroes who have liberated Indonesia from foreign colonies be in vain.

This was conveyed by the Chairman of DPD RI, Oesman Sapta in the inauguration of the Central Executive Board Gebu Minang period 2016-2021 and halal bihalal with Gebu Minang ranks throughout Indonesia, at Bidakara hotel last Friday (21/7/2017).

Through the forum, Oesman Sapta hoped that Minang people who are in the overseas can stay ahead in the trade competition when they are migrating.

"The spirit of fighting of Minang people must be maintained, we see many Minang people who migrate can survive.These honest, diligent and tough attitude are the key to success wherever we are," he concluded

Oesman Sapta added that the Minangkabau Gebu organization aims to raise and foster minang communities overseas, Gebu Minang is an abbreviation of the Minangkabau Economic and Culture Movement which was established on 24 December 1989. Gebu Minang was initiated by the 2nd former President of RI Soeharto.

On that occasion, Oesman sapta congratulated the ranks of DPP Gebu Minang who was inaugurated as a board. "I want the board to carry out the tasks of the organization as well as to work selflessly to minota gebu so that it can be one of the economic booster benchmarks in each region" he said.

As Chairman of Gebu Minang Central Executive Board, Oesman Sapta was awarded the title of Dato Bandaro Sutan Nan Kayo which is a title of honor.

According to Oso, the spirit of building the region should also start from oneself. "Now minang people have reached about 17 million, so with a contribution of one thousand rupiah per person, then it can build a nagari in western Sumatera," he said.

Oso added that the spirit to build the country must be strengthened in the heart, this is important because with each individual builds then Indonesia quickly developed. (Adn)

24 Juli 2017