Chairman of Wantimpres Appreciates DPD RI in Solving Gas Problems in North Sumatera


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee II DPD RI represented by Parlindungan Purba (Chairman of Committee II / DPD RI member of Sumatera Utara) together with Sudirman (member of Committee II / DPD RI member of Aceh) held a meeting with the Presidential Advisory Board (Wantimpres) to coordinate follow up of supply problems gas in Northern Sumatera (sumbagut). Received directly by the Chairman of Wantimpres, Prof. Sri Adiningsih at the office of the Presidential Advisory Board, Veteran III Road-Jakarta (16/1). Committee II of DPD RI stated that the problem of gas supply in Northern Sumatera especially in Medan area can be solved, especially the problem of industrial gas supply scarcity.

Parlindungan Purba conveyed that industrial gas supply which had been halted for 26 days has returned to normal after continuous mediation in Jakarta, Aceh and Medan mediated by Committee II DPD RI with various stakeholders in oil and gas field during late 2017 until early January 2018 .

Parlindungan Purba pointed out that the need for a grand design and master plan of oil and gas management in each region in Indonesia, in this example and opportunity that is mediated by DPD RI is in North Sumatera, so the problem of cessation of oil and gas supply will not be repeated in the future. Therefore, to ensure continuity of gas supply in North Sumatera and certainty of gas usage among industry, Parlindungan Purba asked Presidential Advisory Board to be able to push this together to relevant stakeholders.

In addition, the oil and gas issues in sumbagut was also being discussed, which still leaves the problem unsolved, such as the cessation of fertilizer production of PT. Pupuk Iskandar Muda (PIM) because of the frequent PT. PIM experienced a shortage of gas supply for production activities. Therefore, in the near future Committee II of DPD RI will conduct facilitation and coordination between related ministries in central government including Wantimpres, together with Regional Government of Aceh Province and other related Regency / Municipal Government, State Asset Management Institute (LMAN), Oil and Gas Management Board Aceh (BPMA) and other related technical institutions, in bridging and finding solutions to the utilization of state assets for economic development in Aceh.

Chairman of Wantimpres, Prof. Sri Adiningsih appreciated the work achieved by DPD RI in this case Committee II led by Parlindungan Purba in solving the problems in the region especially in the field of oil and gas. According to Sri Adiningsih, "This is the result of the real work and the extraordinary breakthrough made by DPD RI members in representing and channeling the aspirations of local communities and directly find solutions to the problems that occur."

Sri Adiningsih also revealed that, as the DPR, DPD RI can coordinate with various ministries / institutions to find solutions to a problem, including oil and gas problems that still occur in Sumbagut. DPD RI is in the middle, between the regions and the center, it can maximize its legislative function in parse various problems. This should be done by other agencies, together with the government to solve the problems that often arise in the community.

On this occasion, Parlindungan Purba submitted a report on the results of facilitation and mediation activities conducted by Committee II DPD RI in solving the scarcity of gas supply for industry in North Sumatra. In addition, Parlindungan Purba also conveyed the gratitude to the government for its good cooperation and support, to respond and always present in every facilitation done by DPD RI such as Ministry of ESDM, BPH Migas, SKK Migas, Pertamina, PGN, PT. Perta Arun Gas, Regional Government, Oil and Gas operators and other stakeholders ..

The meeting was concludes with the same gratitude from the Chairman of Wantimpres to DPD RI, and Wantimpres will study the report submitted by Committee II DPD RI to be input and learning materials in building synergy between institutions and related institutions, concerning the resolution of problems of the region and the state that so many emerge take turns.

16 Januari 2018