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The Public Needs to Guard the BPK Bill


Jakarta, dpd.go, id - Currently, the revision of Act No. 15 Year 2006 concerning the State Audit Board (BPK RI) is in the stage of view both in the Commission XI and the Committee IV DPD RI. However, the public needs to know and respond to this bill because it is very important for the existence of BPK as the front guard of supervision and inspection of the management of state finances.

According to the Executive Director of the State Finance Study Center, Prasetyo, the orientation of the revision of the BPK Act must still be based on a paradigm of institutional strengthening with proportional authority so that the independence of the state examining institution is maintained.

"If you have entered the parliament, of course this is indeed a political issue. We hope that the revision of the BPK Act is in line with the spirit of the people who want better, more accountable and transparent management of state finances and oriented towards the benefit of the community," Prasetyo said.

It is known, some important points in the proposed revision submitted by the government include the selection committee.

"The matter of the Chancellor for the election of BPK members is likely to strengthen, in addition to the revision of other articles. With the Chancellor, it is expected that the election of BPK members in the future will be better because it can strengthen public control. The dominance of former political party members and minimize the alleged" flirting "with Commission XI, "added Prasetyo who is also an activist of Nahdlatul Ulama.

The next point, which also appears in the discussion in Committee IV DPD RI is the matter of the addition or allocation of leaders. There are proposals to add 2 members from internal BPK or career officials.

"The idea to accommodate career officials is good. But the selection mechanism for career officials needs to be fair and wise. In order not to cause a conflict of interest inside. We'll see the development whether the council agrees or compromises," he said.

He hoped that the civil society can participate in overseeing the revision of the BPK Act so that the BPK in the future is expected to be a strong state institution to safeguard public money.

24 Oktober 2018