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PPUU Expects DPD Initiative Bill to Become Act


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The House of Regional Representative (DPD) held the 7th Plenary Session with the agenda of the Implementation of the Organ’s Task Report, the Ratification of DPD RI Decision and the Closing of the Second Session Period 2017-2018. The session was led by Oesman Sapta, Chairman of DPD RI accompanied by Nono Sampono, Vice Chairman of DPD RI at Nusantara V Building, Senayan-Jakarta, Wednesday (20/12/2017).

The Organ’s Task Reports preceded by the report of Gede Pasek Suardika, Chairman of PPUU (Bill Drafting Committee) of DPD RI. Pasek stated that a new political decision was made together by three institutions guarding the bill of discussion for National Legislation Year 2018 from the remaining legislation in 2017 will be implemented first, then after the long list, it will be entered into a short list. There are 50 bills on Prolegnas Year 2018, 45 bills are the remainder of Prolegnas 2017 and 5 new bills which are the three bills of the House of Representatives and 2 of the Government.

Pasek hoped that the Chairman of DPD RI will encourage the DPD initiative bill to become Act. "We hope to be driven seriously by the Leaders and members of DPD not only to become a bill but an act, there are three Initiative Proposal Bills namely the Island Region Bill, Archipelago Concept Bill , and Creative Economy Bill which entered in Prolegnas Year 2018," he said.
Committee I Asked the Government to Set Variable Area in Village Act

Committee I reported the results of Supervision of the Village Act requested in the Plenary Session as the decision of DPD RI. While the supervision of the Agrarian Reform Act related to Land Redistribution and Asset Legalization is expected to be completed in the next Session III. "Committee I asked the government to establish the wide variables of territory, population and geography in the village act. With regard to Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDes), village act is enough to be the only legal umbrella required implementation, "said Akhmad Muqowam, Chairman of Committee I in the report.

Meanwhile, Committee II is drafting the Geology bill and the Renewable Energy Bill. On the other hand, Committee II also supervises the implementation of the Aviation Act and the Food Act. Parlindungan Purba, Chairman of Committee II recommended the government to establish KNKP Agency (flight) and for airport development, it is expected not only in big cities.

Delis Jukarson Hehi, Vice Chairman of Committee III conveyed the drafting on Wage System Bill is still on its material deepening stage. While the Family Resilience Bill is expected to be DPD RI’s Decision as DPD RI’s Initiative Proposal. In addition, the supervision of Committee III also resulted in three supervisions, including the Supervision of the Implementation of Narcotics Act, and the Nursing Act, also the Results of Supervision on the Implementation of Hajj in 2017. The three supervisions were ratified by the Decision of DPD RI.

Furthermore, Ajiep Padindang, Chairman of Committee IV, reported the progress of task implementation focusing on DPD Monitoring on the implementation of the Revised State Budget Act (APBNP) Year 2017, supervising the implementation of the Cooperatives Act and the Consideration of DPD on Follow Up the results of the BPK Audit of First Semester Year 2017. The Supervision and Consideration of Committee IV is expected to become DPD RI’s Decision.

Senator Riau Resigns as Chairman of BAP

DPD Chairman Nono Sampono said that Panmus has received the resignation letter of Abdul Gafar Usman as Chairman of BAP for health reasons, in relation to it forwarding to the BAP to be elected a new Head of BAP and reported at the upcoming Session III. We asked DPD members to be more sensitive and always look at the conditions in the community, paying particular attention to social upheaval in the community. Each member plays an active role in the preparation of simultaneous elections in 2018 which became the initial draft of DPD RI recommendations for the preparation of the 2019 election. In preparation for Christmas and new year, DPD members is expected to coordinate with local government and apparatus of possibility in public order disturbance. DPD RI appealed to the public to keep the security stability in the celebration of christmas and new year. Furthermore, DPD RI members make a working visit in the electoral district on December 21, 2017 to 14 January 2018. The 8th Plenary Session is scheduled on January 15, 2018 with the agenda of Opening Session III of the Year 2017-2018, Opening Speech of the Year 2017-2018 and Report of DPD RI members on Working visit in the region. (ank)


20 Desember 2017