98.8% Taxpayers Have Not Paid the Tax


Jakarta, dpd.go.id -According to Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) data in 2013 the number of Business Entities in Indonesia is 3 million and the number of Indonesians who have earnings are 93.72 million inhabitants, which of course has larger number. According to data from the Directorate General of Taxes in 2015, the Taxpayers (WP) are required to enter the SPT as much as 30,044,103 with details as follows: WP Agency 2.472.632, WP Private Employees (OP) Non Employees 5.239.385, and WP OP Employees 22.332. 086, nevertheless the taxpayers who actually pay taxes only amounted to 1.170.047 with details: WP Agency 375.569, WP OP Employee 612.881, and WP OP Employees 181.597.

This statement is submitted by the World Tax Consultant who joined in the Association of Indonesian Entrepreneurs (Apindo), Drs. Prijohandojo Kristanto as a speaker in the Public Hearing Meeting (RDPU) of Committee IV DPD RI with the agenda of Fifth Amendment of Act No.36 Year 1983 About Income Tax in Meeting Room of Committee IV DPD RI, Parliament Complex Senayan, Jakarta (18 / 4/2017).

"From the above data, it is clearly visible that people who really pay taxes are very little. Or in other words 98.8% Taxpayers have not paid any tax at all ", concludes Prijohandojo.

Prijohandojo adds that the government has launched a Tax Reformation initiative which starts with the launch of the new Tax Amnesty which ends on March 31, 2017, and followed by other programs. One of them is to examine the WP who do not use the Amnesty Taxation. Although the number of declarations and ransom earned is said to be the highest in the world, the number of tax amnesty participants is only 970,000 WP. This indicates that the WP who intend to be obedient WP is very little. Therefore, Apindo strongly supports the initiative of the Directorate General of Taxes to pursue taxpayers who do not take advantage of Amnesty Taxes. With the background description above, Apindo would like to propose: Change the Income Tax system into Territorial Principle, Lower Income Tax rate, Make Effective PPN collection on business activity based on information technology, do not add income object.


18 April 2017