Committee III Highlights Service of Manasik Hajj from Ministry of Religion


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee III DPD RI assesses that there is an increase in the service of organizing the 2018 pilgrimage by the Ministry of Religion. Health services, lodging, transportation, and catering to pilgrims are considered better than the previous year. However, the Hajj ritual services received special notes from the senators.

DPD RI member Abdul Jabbar Toba assessed that the implementation of the pilgrimage by the government from year to year experienced a significant increase. He said, this year the people in the region were quite satisfied with the services of lodging facilities, catering and transportation in the Holy Land from the Ministry of Religion.

According to him, complaints from the congregation that are still widely conveyed are only about the service of Hajj rituals. "Many of our congregation are villagers who do not understand how to use facilities such as hotels or toilets. The next Hajj season rituals related to information on how to use the Hajj facilities need to be explained in more detail so that the congregation from the village can better understand, "he said at a Hearing Meeting of Committee III DPD RI with the Director General of Hajj and Umrah Implementation, Nizar Ali in the Committee III DPD Meeting Room RI, Senayan Jakarta, Wednesday (10/10).

DPD RI member from Riau Province Muhammad Nabil also appreciated the organization of this year's Hajj. Nabil who participated in the supervision of the Hajj this year felt that there was an improvement in the matter of organizing the Hajj. According to him, what needs to be evaluated next year is the Hajj service to wheelchair users.

"Hajj officers serving wheelchair pilgrims need to be added. If necessary there is a need for special officers to be brought from Indonesia to help wheelchair users. Because, if you use the local tenure of Saudi Arabia to serve wheelchair pilgrims in addition to being expensive it is also sometimes rough. "If possible, Hajj officers stationed at the hotel to serve the Indonesian congregation should be added next year," he suggested.

Gorontalo Province DPD member Abdurrahman Abubakar Bahmid considered this year's Indonesian pilgrims to be like a mujahid who works sincerely to serve the congregation. He also appreciated the health workers who were deployed to serve pilgrims. "The number of pilgrims who died can be suppressed. This means that health services are progressing, " he stated.

Bahmid suggested, in the next Haj season, the Hajj health team will be added so that services to the congregation, especially the elderly and at high risk, can be maximized. "We hope that pilgrims who die each year will decline," he said.

East Kalimantan Senator Muslihuddin Abdurrasyid suggested, the Ministry of Religion would make the hajj manasik book more concise for the congregation. In addition, it is proposed that the Ministry of Religion recruit cooks directly from the area to prepare food. "The food menu needs to be adjusted to our pilgrims," he suggested.

Meanwhile, the Director General of Hajj and Umrah Nizar Ali Organizing admitted that the service to guide the pilgrimage to the pilgrims was not optimal. This happens because worship counselors are still lacking, while the time for performing rituals is limited.

"We can carry out manasik guidance only after the congregation repays BPIH. The time period for BPIH repayment and the departure of the congregation is too tight, besides the large number of congregations is not comparable to the guidance provider. The effect of manasik guidance is not optimal, "he said.

On this occasion, Nizar also positively welcomed the proposal to recruit cooks from the region to serve catering for pilgrims. "We will prepare the cook from Indonesia and the menu of the archipelago. Next year we try to make a food menu for a zoning system. For example the Sumatran congregation in Sumatra's sector 1 menu, "said Nizar in the hearing.



10 Oktober 2018