Chairman of DPD RI Invites GMKI to Build Regions


Bogor, dpd.go.id - Chairman of DPD RI Oesman Sapta was proud of the presence of the Indonesian Christian Student Movement in the country. The reason is that students as the young people contribute to nation building.

"I am proud of GMKI because the Indonesian Nation was built by young people. I also want to invite the youth to not give up to build their region and family welfare, "said Oesman Sapta during the XXXVI Congress of GMKI in Bogor, West Java, Thursday (13/9).

He urged that the presence of DPD RI is to build and prosper the region. Surely the DPD RI does not work alone, for that it needs the support of the GMKI which is the majority of the regions. "The Republic of Indonesia DPD cannot be alone, so it needs support from GMKI. I am sure this GMKI is very extraordinary, "said the senator of West Kalimantan.

Oesman Sapta also acknowledged that Indonesia has an area that is so vast that there is still an imbalance in the regions. But now there is evenly distributed development such as in the border and Papua. "Currently there is equal distribution, for example the price of cement in Papua is no different from Java," he said.

He also invited GMKI to continue economic development in the region. Thus the central government should pay attention to its regions. "Students must encourage economic development not just watch it," hoped Oesman Sapta.

In addition, Oesman Sapta also called on students not to be involved in politics on campus. Except potical will for himself. "Don't get students affected by issues or slander," he said. (Fan)

13 September 2018