Wage System Should Be Based On Worker Productivity


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Member of National Wages Board, Sarman Simanjorang said that there are misperceptions in fixing the minimum wage which in determining it each worker are paid prorated without focus on their skill, productivity and working period. It is delivered in a Hearings of Committee III of DPD RI in the framework of Inventory that related to materials Wage System by presenting Harijanto (Head of Employment of APINDO), Sarman Simanjorang (Member of the National Wage Council), Iftida Yasar (Vice Chairwoman of IX IWAPI, Chairman of Education and Training Committee) and dr. Rina Remilya Salam (Vice-Chairwoman IV IWAPI, Industry and Employment). The meeting was chaired by Vice-Chairman of the Committee III Pastor Carles Simaremare in the meeting room of Building B DPD RI, Senayan Jakarta, Tuesday (02/07/2017).

Sarman's statement was in line with Iftida Yasar that the minimum wage should be accompanied by increased productivity. It is because productivity relates to the competitiveness of the industry in maintaining business, so there should be a common perception among governments, employers and workers in the determination of minimum wage standards. The legal basis of regional minimum wage before determined in Government Regulation 78/2015 was using Act No. 13/2003 on Labor, but derived from PP 78/2015 On Remuneration not yet realized, namely the structure of the wage scale, the role of regional wage boards, and bonus / reward.

According to the Senator from West Nusa Tenggara Baiq Diyah said that Act 13 of 2003 on Employment is not relevant to the current condition. There should be harmonization of legislation relating to workers. Wages should be adjusted to the market mechanism or workers competency so that there will be healthy competition among workers. Wage system in the future should focuses on worker productivity and the ability of companies as well as provides certainty to the employers / investors in setting the salaries of workers / laborers. (nis)

09 Februari 2017