Jakarta - Residents who live in archipelagic provinces still have not received attention for the homecoming facilities like on the island of Java, so it is clear that the distribution of welfare and development has not been evenly distributed.

This is conveyed by Vice Chairman of DPD RI, Nono Sampono in a discussion with journalists with the theme of discussion around Eid, at the press room of DPR RI, Tuesday (20/6).

"It is the obligation of the state, DPR and DPD to look into this matter, because of the public interest, it has been neglected for quite some time. The ministry and the central government should look at the problem in eastern Indonesia about how difficult the homecoming is for people who work and live in archipelagic provinces such as NTT, NTB, Maluku, the Riau Island, Central Sulawesi and Southeast Sulawesi, "says Nono.

Nono conveys that unlike the Java island communities who often get government facilities for free homecoming, it is in contrast to the condition of eastern Indonesia which is now very difficult, due to natural factors such as high winds that cause the decrease in flight frequency.

Therefore, nono hopes that with the provincial island bill initiated by DPD RI, it will be a comprehensive solution for the society in Eastern Indonesia, not only about transportation but also as a priority in other development.

"The provincial island bill is expected to become an umbrella for the archipelago province in NKRI. In addition there needs to be improvements, I think if necessary, there should be an expansion so that there will be an equity of development, rather than dedicated to BUMN whose indications are losing money. If the budget is allocated to the region the money will spin, the economy will run, and other positive effects will also be directly proportional. We should encourage the regional autonomy council to review the moratorium on the New Autonomous Region (DOB), because currently there are 176 DOB in DPD, so it should not be banned entirely, but it must support the region to be independent, "he explains.

On the same occasion, Chairman of Committee II Parlindungan Purba highlights the readiness of the government in facing the homecoming flow.

"When we meet with the Directorate General of Transportation, we get information that the number of accidents in 2016 amounted to 1,289 significant things decrease because in 2015 the accident reached 2,552. We can say that the asphalt roads trajectory of the railway is also improved to smooth the traffic of vehicles in the crossing, "he says.

Parlin also conveys that the train can be integrated with the airport to minimize congestion on the road. "Hopefully, it will soon be realized in the Indonesian airport that is integrated with railway public transportation so it can reduce the level of congestion on the highway which of course saves time and energy for people who travel," he concludes.

The plan is on 22 June, Vice Chairman of DPD RI, Nono Sampono and Chairman of Committee II, Parlindungan Purba will monitor to some places like Soekarno Hatta airport, Tanjung Priuk port, Pulogadung terminal, and PD Dharmajaya slaughter house in Cakung. (Adn)

20 Juni 2017