PUPN Supports the Proposal of DPD RI Against the Bill on the Management of State and Regional Receivables


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Currently Committee IV DPD RI is reviewing the drafting of the Bill on the Management of State and Regional Receivables that have become the agenda in the National Legislation Program (Prolegnas) Year 2015-2019. As DPD RI organs responsible in various issues of State and Regional Wealth Management, Committee IV DPD RI invited the Directorate General of State Assets in the Hearing (RDP) discussed the Bill on Management of State and Regional Receivables in Meeting Room of Committee IV DPD RI, Parliament Complex Senayan, Jakarta (6/2).

The purpose of this hearing is to improve the regulation process of state and regional receivables in order to improve the management of state and regional receivables, to increase the state's income for the prosperity of the people of Indonesia and to encourage the creation of certainty, stability and fairness in the administration of state receivables.

Purnama T.Sianturi, Director of State Receivables and State Assets conveyed the development of Bill on the Management of State and Regional Receivables. "The Bill on the Management of State and Regional Receivables is done on the initiative of the government, whose discussion period is conducted in 2010-2013. At that time the synchronization team and drafting team are formed in the House of Representatives (DPR). Then, there was disagreement about the scope of the State Receivables, where the DPR said that state receivables include receivables of K / L and BUMN / D receivables while the Government said state receivables include K / L receivables. then the discussion was postponed until the verdict of the judicial review of article 2 letter g of Act 17/2003, which finally came up the decision of the Constitutional Court number 48/2013 and number 62/2013 stating article 2 letter g is not contradictory to the 1945 Constitution ", Purnama concluded.

"In our opinion, the Bill on Management of State Receivables and Regional Receivables should be rearranged due to many changes in the management of state finances and regional finances that have occurred since the last discussion with the DPR", said Purnama.

Responding to what was delivered by Purnama, Vice Chairman of Committee IV DPD RI as well as acting as chairman of the meeting, Siska Marleni stated that the State Receivables Committee (PUPN) functions to support the proposal of this bill. "Based on what has been said by Mrs. Purnama, it can be concluded that PUPN support proposal of this bill", said Siska. (sna)

06 Februari 2018