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Chairman of Committee I DPD RI: PILKADA of 2018 Must Become a Momentum of Change


Jakarta, dpd.go.id – The Simultaneous Regional Election of 2018 is expected to be a momentum of change for Democracy in Indonesia. This matter is discussed in Hearing Meeting of Committee I DPD RI with NGO Election Monitoring in the framework of preparation of Simultaneous Regional Head Election (Pilkada) year 2018, in Meeting Room of Committee I of Parliament Complex Senayan Jakarta. Monday (12/3).

Chairman of Committee I, Akhmad Muqowam at the meeting said that of the many systems of government, the Pancasila Democracy system is still the best for Indonesia.

"I think that of the many existing systems of government in the world, our Pancasila Democracy system is still the best, I also hope that the Sergak regional elections in 171 regions will generate a better momentum for the regions, not just democracy parties," explained Muqowam .

Former Member of the General Election Commission 2002-2007 and political observer, Chusnul Mariyah said that DPD RI must oversee the implementation of Regional Election 2018, Legislative Election and Presidential Election 2019 later.

"DPD has the authority to supervise the implementation of regional election in accordance with the law, and in every session, such as legislative and presidential election, DPD can supervise in every stages of implementation from KPU, Bawaslu, DKPP, regime in power, election participants to voters,” he asserted.

In line with this, the Executive Director of the Association for Election and Democracy (Perludem), Titi Anggraini in addition to supervision at various stages of Regional Election, there are important points that need to be highlighted and no less important is the funding source campaign of candidates for local election.

"Currently only twenty-five percent of the campaign funds that is properly reported by the prospective participants, this is still very low but this also includes things that need to be supervised because of money-related politics," he concluded.

In addition, the observers also gave suggestions that DPD RI make a comprehensive study by inviting universities to evaluate the implementation of regional elections in Indonesia, and recommended that in the future direct Regional Head Election only for the election of Governor not for Regent / Mayor election because the cost is very high .

12 Maret 2018