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Committee I DPD RI Holds a Seminar to Encourage the Implementation of Village Act


Semarang - Committee I of the House of Regional Representative (DPD) RI held a Regional Seminar themed "Dynamics and Problems of Village Governance" to encourage the implementation of the Village Act, because in its 3 (three) years of its implementation since it was enacted on January 14, 2014, DPD RI saw many problems in the implementation in the field. The seminar was held at Graha Dika Bhakti Central Java Governor Office. Tuesday (3/10).

Achmad Muqowam, Chairman of Committee I DPD RI together with Ganjar Pranowo Central Java Governor opened a seminar which was attended by members of Committee I, representatives of central and regional government, BPKP, to head of villages in Central Java and West Java, Central Java Police, Attorney, Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) , academics and community leaders and also NGOs.

"We hope that all stakeholders related to the implementation of the Village Law will bring comprehensive knowledge and ultimately encourage the implementation of this Villge Act, because its impact can improve the welfare of the community through various programs as mandated by the Village Act," said Senator Java while opening the Seminar.

In contrast, Ganjar Pranowo, the Governor of Central Java, said that when the use of village funds is still appropriate for development, and from 7809 villages in Central Java for village empowerment, it still needs support. The problem at the moment is the lack of skilled village staff.

"The village counselor is lacking where 1 person assisted 4 villages, it is very ineffective, we make a new breakthrough to hold the assistant personnel according to their needs and competence," said Ganjar.

DPD RI has functions and duties, among others, supervision over the implementation of the Act. Since the enactment of Act No. 6 Year 2014 on Village promulgated on January 14, 2014, Committee I DPD RI is very concerned to supervise the implementation of the Village Act, in order to guard the spirit of the establishment of Village Act that is to accelerate the welfare of village communities.

The Act No. 6 Year 2014 is a new paradigm in village related regulations in Indonesia, because this law makes the village not as an object of development but as a subject of development. In its implementation for more than 3 (three) years, Committee I DPD RI has received aspirations, especially the problems in the implementation of the Act, which delivered from the community directly or from relevant stakeholders.

"Committee I noted that there are three things to consider in the implementation of the Village Act. Firstly, less optimal coordination between government agencies either vertically or horizontally. Secondly, less optimal supervision and coaching function. The role of coaching is considered very minimal and on the contrary the role of supervision is considered very redundant through the functions implemented by several agencies at once. Third, it is necessary to reformulate the Village Fund to be more in line with the spirit of the Village Act itself, "explained Chairman of Committee I.

Some important points discussed in the Regional Seminar related to the implementation of Act No. 6 Year 2014 on the Village this time is the synchronization of regulations between ministries / institutions that have been and will issue various regulations related to the village, namely the Minister of Home Affairs, the Minister of Rural PDTT, the Minister of Finance, BPKP, and government area. Then the strengthening of internal supervisory institutions or inspectorate followed by the availability of budget for fostering and supervising the implementation of Village Act. Also Plans to strengthen and maximize the application of the Village Financial System (SISKEUDES) that BPKP has developed as the Regional budget /APBD monitoring instrument is used in all villages in Indonesia. So far, of the 74,910 villages in Indonesia only about 35 thousand already using SISKEUDES application from BPKP.

"Through this seminar, Committee I is looking forward to important and good insights from the Provincial, Regency / City Governments and other relevant institutions, academics, village heads and village apparatus as practitioners, community leaders and observers of village issues in Central Java, as a very useful input in the framework of supervisory functions of Committee I DPD RI, "concluded Achmad.

Also attended by members of Committee I DPD RI in a working visit to Semarang Central Java, among others, Hafidh Asrom (DIY), Eni Khairani (Bengkulu), Eni Sumarni (West java), Abdul Qadir Amir Hartono (East Java), Ahmad Subadri (Banten), Muhammad Mawardi (Central Kalimantan), Antung Fatmawati (South Kalimantan), Gede Pasek Suardika (Bali), Robiatul Adawiyah (NTB), Syafrudin Atasoge (NTT), Sugeng Pudjianto Kejati (Central Java). * mas

03 Oktober 2017