Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The Committee I DPD RI will follow up on the issue of the territorial boundary between East Manggarai Regency and Ngada Regency in NTT by inviting interested parties. This was stated by the Chairman of Committee I DPD RI, Benny Rhamdani in an audience with the people of East Manggarai Regency, in the Committee I Meeting Room, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (10/17).

"We will invite the Directorate General of Regional Administration of the Ministry of Interior. Then the Committee I DPD RI will also follow up on this issue with the Governor of NTT, the Regent of East Manggarai and the Regent of Ngada, we will invite all at the Hearings in Jakarta, "Benny said.

Benny also added that this regional boundary issue will be discussed further with the Minister of Home Affairs so that he can immediately take a firm and precise decision, because it involves the content of natural resources that need assertiveness. He hoped that there will be decisiveness from the government so as not to influence the economic and social activities of the people in the region.

"These problems must be resolved precisely and quickly, not to be protracted because they are quite concerned. If you have already talked about regional boundary conflicts and related economic motives, for example natural resources in the contested area. If there is a political conflict, "he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Commission A DPRD of East Manggarai Regency, Leonardus Sentosa said that the people at the border were often disturbed by the acquisition of customary land rights and the destruction of bridges by the people from Ngada Regency.

"The agreement related to the boundary is currently being sued again by the Ngada Regency. For that, it needs assertiveness from the government, "he further added, there are indications that there is a valuable mineral content on the border so that it is currently at issue. In 2011 a meeting was held but was considered invalid because it was not neutral and carried out in East Manggarai Regency.

"The East Manggarai community hoped that the issue of boundaries is over, so what is needed now is improving welfare," he said. His party also hoped that the Minister of Home Affairs and his staff will be neutral and avoid parties who can lead decisions in a subjective manner. (adt)


17 Oktober 2018